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Saturday, July 11, 2015

John Apple Jack (Canada)

Touted as a comedy, 'John Apple Jack' supposedly brings East and West together to create one sumptuously heart-warming dish. Unfortunately, I will end up remembering this film for how annoying and irritating the characters were, pretty much all of them. I mean, how to expect that with a wafer thin plot line, stereotyping asians, bad over the top acting, can actually make people laugh and appreciate the film. Trust me I have sen worse films; so giving a balanced opinion, this film is not terrible; but it sure is very irritating.

John, a handsome young gay man lives a privileged luxurious life. He is a playboy who beds anyone. Jack works as a chef in one of John’s restaurant. Barring an incident hat maybe the two boys had a crush on each other in childhood, there is no other scene that shows that either had a crush on the other. Maybe to a certain extent Jack had crush on John. When Jack finds out that John is marrying his sister Vivienne, he is confused. Meanwhile, we also suddenly see that Vivienne and John have a 10 year old son. By this time, I am totally confused as to what the hell is going on. John thinks that Vivienne should not be marrying Jack because he is gay. Or maybe because he finally admits to himself about his feelings (love) for Jack. When his father cuts off John to push him to make something of his life, John gets more focused on life and even confesses his love to Jack. A fake marriage for Jack and Vivienne is arranged to have some fun, but finally John and Jack unite.

The film is as confusing and irritating as it may have sounded while reading the synopsis. There is no mention of how long have been Jack and John in touch. How and why did John not know about Jack working in the restaurant. Why did the 2 men even lie each other. They had nothing in common. Vivienne’s angle and her need for family was totally ill-fitted. A weirdo mother in the family might have been added for comic relief but even that doesn’t help. The only good thing is good looking guys and perfectly toned bodies. But the screenplay is TERRIBLE. The gross depiction of certain gay activities with john’s boytoy Mario are pure annoying. The dialogues are awkward. In my opinion, the actors were not bad but the screenplay and the direction was all over the place.

Low-budget albeit good and crisp production values; I would only recommend of OOT comedies are your flavour. I was thankfully able to sit through the whole film without needing to fast forward it but i found the overall experience annoying. (4/10)

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