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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gay Short Films : 35

All these are quick short films, most about 2-4 minutes.

100 crushes chapter 6 - They (Canada) - A bad animation introducing concept of addressing as pronouns rather than ‘he’ or ‘she’.

By way of love (USA) - A man discovers his lover has found another prompting him to enact upon a deeper, darker side of human nature.

Cruising Electric (USA) - A commercial for a cruising game Based on Al Pacino’s film.

Dunkin Love (USA) - A musical interlude between a trans and a man

Europe is Our Playground (Spain) - Suede music With a naked main jungle

Franz (Dominican Republic) - No dialogue. A naked man reliving his past love in dreams.

Golden Age of Hustlers (USA) - Interviews with Bambi Lake and archival projections from San Franscisco’s queer community in the 1980s.

Kahanne Bez Mežaў (Byelorussia) - 2 couples - one gay and one straight. Their delicate romance.

Maricón (Spain) - A young, aggressive-looking man wakes up at 3:00 a.m., lights a cigarette, throws on his clothes and goes out for the hunt.

Straight White Men (USA) - An experimental short that deals with stereotypes.

Último beso, El (Spain) [The Last Kiss] - After the break-up, he heartbroken lover gets his last kiss in a way that wasn’t expected by anyone.

Flames of passion (UK) - A doctor falls in love with a man in a train station after finding a photograph.

Ti sposerò (Italy) - A really great fantastic video showing a gay couple in love from their journey of love to wedding.

Homobros (USA) - A very cute parody of machismo, brotherhood and hombres. Brilliant !!

Honeypot (USA) - A restroom hookup leading to a dancing performance.

Ties that bind me (UK) - Two guy stalking about working out together, while one of them secretly comes out.

Verfuehrung von Engeln, Die (Germany) - A young man cruises through the nightly city. He meets all kinds of people and they all end up in a dim night club.

Work it out (Australia) - On a hot work day, two mechanics are at each others throats. What can they do to work it out?

Jie (China) [Boundary] - A man reliving past to explore boundaries of gay life. Yawn !

L'escale...1938 (France) - A musical where a young priest meets a sailor.

Concerning the events on the bridge (USA) - A brother wants to film his gay brother jumping off the bridge when he cries in pain after the fall.

Compañía (Spain) - In today’s world of rush and racket, keeping the balance between independence and solitude is difficult, for anyone.

Dickson experimental sound film (USA) - A film from 1894 with a man playing violin and 2 men dancing. The film was created to demonstrate a new Thomas Edison machine, the Kinetophone.

First kiss (USA) - A few couple, gay and straight, are brought together for their first kiss with each other.

Just friends (Canada) - A video exploration the theme of ‘Rejection’ in the world of dating. Lets be “just friends”

Oil (UK) - Through the mists of a Sunday morning hangover Richard looks back at a failed relationship.

On all floors (UK) - Stuck in an elevator, when people stat confessing, including a story about a man sleeping with a horse.

Time for change (New Zealand) - An animation film about who will be left standing on a old clock tower. Super brilliant !!

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