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Monday, July 13, 2015

Gay Short Films : 34

Andamio (Spain) [Scaffolding]
Eduardo, a snob and grumpy journalist, and David, a shy literature student, are neighbors in a building under maintenance. For six months they have never greeted each other. A scaffolding is put up for the renovation of the building, which provides them with a platform to finally socialise with each other. We see the two characters break the ice by talking about scaffolding, then they smoke, drink coffee, play cards. And that's it. I am not even sure if this is really a gay short film. (3/10)

It's nothing / Less Than Zero
A collection of 7 real small (a couple of minutes or more) clippings focussing on nude performances, videoart etc. , most focussing on nudity and not necessarily queer. (0/10)

Escapade (Netherlands)
The film is about 2 friends, living as neighbours. They are both dealing with having a hard time at home.  Their parents don’t like the way their kids are living and are constantly mad at their children. One of kids os completely controlled by his parents who are busy in their own life. While the other guy’s single father just doesn’t care about his son. The boys decide to run away from home and go live their own life. Sometimes, you have to make your own decisions, and that they make your life great, although they may not always sound the best. (6/10)

Bug chaser (USA)
Nathan’s one-night stand ends abruptly when his date finds an alarming growth around his ass. As it rapidly gets larger, Nathan gets sicker. He looks to alcohol, the Internet, and a needle for help, but to no avail. Drunk and desperate, Nathan finally reaches out to an unlikely source: a former hook-up, a nurse, who can’t believe what he sees. A well made with a real scary feel to it, but a lousy ending :( A lot of hot guy on guy kissing and full frontal male nudity but freaky and scary at the same time. (7/10)

The Single Mother (USA)
A young gay guy loves kids and wants to have a baby. With the unfortunate predicament of being unable to conceive himself (but not for lack of trying), he pursues increasingly desperate means to procure a child of his own. Things change when a single father moves in his neighbourhood and he not only finds a child but also love of his life. (6/10)

Tonight It's Me (USA)
A hot young hustler finds himself in uncharted waters when he spends the night with an unxpected client. The night that started just as a fling between a hustler and a trans woman, slowly starts becoming a night of love. Love that appears as soon as a wall between you and other person starts crumbling. You know this because of the 2 explicit gay scenes - one motivated by money, and another one for love. A very very interesting short film. (7/10)

Sirenito (Spain) [Little Siren]
When little Saul announces that he wants to dress up as Little Siren, early parental fears start to build up. They take him to psychologist and are now convinced that there little one is gay. They start forcing him to play with dolls and shaping his future, including getting him a red dress with lace for fancy dress competition. Little do they know the Little Siren was a fireman. (7/10)

Tout n´est pas en noir (France) [All Is Not Black]
Two young black men live together in France. When one decides that he’s pregnant and the craving that he has for caviar must be satisfied, his lover goes in search. While he may not be pregnant he does reward his boyfriend upon his return for being such a good provider. Very short but sweet. (6.5/10)

The Pool Date (Canada)
A 'big' Canadian man who is on vacation in Brazil has a surprising encounter around the hotel pool, a moment that is filled with desire, curiosity and acceptance. When he puts his towel on a chair and comes back from the pool, he finds a young hot man already there. He decides to just sit. Hilarious, unspoken yet very caring moments follow between the 2 men including sharing personal space, drinks and even a fan to dry themselves off.  The film examines the themes of intimacy, social interaction. (6/10)

Os Sapatos de Aristeu (Brazil) [The Shoes of Aristeu]
The body of a dead transvestite is prepared for the wake by others transvestites. The family, after receiving the body, decides to bury him as a man. A procession of transvestites heads to the wake to say goodbye. The shoes are put on. Death is nothing but a window. Good acting and very sensitive direction. (7/10)

Lo que quiero de ti (Spain) [What I want from you]
Dario is obsessed with a Victor &. Victor is obsessed with all the guys. An erotically dark short film that reminds you to be careful who you fall in love with - they may not be all they seem. None of the individuals maybe what they seem to be. They are both dealing with issues, but which one of these will ultimately have to pay the price? (7/10)

Tomorrow (USA)
The film takes place on New Year’s Eve 1999, when a love triangle emerges between college-bound high school students. Trevor is determined to win his girl friend Sarah’s affection, while Clark struggles to express long-unrequited feelings for Trevor. Things happen when Sarah kisses Clark and Trevor sees it. In anger, Trevor ends up kissing Clark but it is Clark who feels guilty of breaking the bond. The people and emotions are real. The struggles, specially with teenagers, to come to terms with their own sexuality is brilliantly portrayed in this short film. (8/10)

Cock N' Bull (USA)
Wes invites his best friend Chris over for a night in after being dumped by Henry. They attempt to blow off some steam by prank calling strangers, but soon realize that may have been the worst idea ever. Funny yet terrifying. Superb acting. (7/10)

More Of Last Night (USA)
Three friends go camping at the end of their last summer in college. But that drunken night threatens their friendship as well as their plans.They have to face the harsh reality of their inebriated decisions. Was the couple really a couple? Have the lines between straight, gay and bisexual just been erased? What kind of love does the trio share? Was the night just a one off thing or can it be something more meaningful? This film shows how sex and sexuality can confuse even the best of friendships. Brilliant story, acting and direction. (9/10)

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