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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

G&T: Season 2 (Italian) (Web Series)

I was surprised to find that G&T came up with season 2. And it was a pleasant surprise. Although the season 1 had a definite ending, there is always a possibility of introducing new characters and new happenings in the lives of the individuals that can make for an interesting viewing. Although prime focus this time is also on G&T, there are a lot more new characters introduced and thankfully each one of them is given a good character sketch and something to build on. This time there was not a specific ending for the series, and I am expecting a season 3 may follow soon.

The series starts with a shocker when we see that Tommaso & Giulio have broken u and are not staying together. It turns out that at some point Tommaso cheated but we don’t know the details until later. Giulio has now a new boyfriend, a guy with who he has worked for a long time, is a perfect gentleman and had a crush on Giulio from before. Tomes regrets and wants to make things better with Giulio but G doesn’t want to have any of it. Clearly there is tremendous love between the two, but the bond trust has been broken. Giulio’s friend Sara who was dating the bar owner Gianluca, is also not together anymore. Turns out that Sara lost her baby while Gianluca didn’t even know about the pregnancy. She now has a room mate, who she wants to convince herself is gay but he is not. He is actually very cute. Over the course of the series, we see possibility of Sara and Gianluca coming back together but the new guy also fits in as a third wheel very happily. Meanwhile Tommaso’s elder brother is quite jealous of Tommaso’s seriousness about work and is scheming along with Tommaso’s ex girlfriend Serena to get a lot of money from company insurance putting all blame on his brother. They almost succeed towards the end. It turns out that Tommaso just had a kiss with Serena in a drunk state and that was the reason for their break-up. Pretty stupid if you ask him, considering that they were about to get married. Some more interesting new characters are introduced, like Gianluca’s brother who is coming to terms with his sexuality and has left home and is looking for acceptance. Giulio’s parents are back and add a lot to the story. There is a lesbian couple also in the mix and some secrets are revealed about Serena’s past with her parents. Things get better. Trust and re-established when Giulio’s father has heart-attack and he explains to his son what true love is all about. The two get back together but get a shock of their life when cops show up anther door one night arresting Tommaso for the fraud done in their company.

As I mentioned, there is clearly a scope for season 3 here. There are many loose ends like Tommaso’s arrest, Serena’s past, what happens to the company, and Gianluca’s younger brother. Season 2 still had great production values and excellent acting. I am still wondering how come and why is this a web series? Given the content, acting, story, it should have been picked up by some major TV network by now. I just hope that the makers are making some money out of it. Tommaso and Giulio continue with their roles and are still quite good. Though I have to say that the reason for their breakup was not convincing enough. If you love is strong, which apparently the two had, just one kiss (even with an ex), cannot make you throw away everything. If we forget that aside, everything else was quite nice. Sara is still the party and life of the show. he way she talks, her dialogues, her acting; everything about her is just perfect. A lot of detailing has gone in her character and the girl totally takes this opportunity to outshine everyone around her. The new guy as Sara’s room-mate is pretty good looking and ho with a very infectious smile. I think th best among all male cast of the show. This series also continues going into flashbacks every now and then; but then thankfully the past stories of all characters slowly open up layer by layer and it starts making sense of why things are happening, the way they are.

I am quite happy thatchy came up with season 2 of this series. It met all the expectations and beyond of what I had from original season. (7.5/10)

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