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Monday, June 15, 2015

Hunting Season : Series 2 (Web Series)

I was relatively new to the whole concept of gay web series when I watched season 1 but it is so encouraging to see that these web series are doing so well that the makers are coming up with more season of the hugely popular series. I remember really enjoying the season one so I was quite looking forward to season 2. Unlike season 1, this time it was only 4 episodes of about 20 minutes each.

Alex, the blogger, is still the centre stage of this season and we also see what’s happening in the life of 3 of his friends. Alex has been single for a while and enjoying but when he sees his ex in a happy married life with another guy and a baby, he gets depressed. He always thought they would eventually get back together at some point in life. He unloads this all on a random guy he meets that night; who ends up becoming good friends with Alex’s sister who comes to visit him because she could use a break from their parents. Alex is still rude and mean to everyone including occasionally to his sister as well, specially after he is thrown out of his job. Alex’s gay couple friends have recently decided to go for a 3 way and they meet an interesting man. The sex is good, numbers exchanged but like most assholes, when the designer reaches out to the trick to show his designs, the resentment is obvious. Yes, we all still want just one time fun. And then we see the fourth friend, a guy full of himself, a big shot lawyer, living the New York dream. His life gets upside down, when a not so good looking guy makes him realise how truly unhappy he is in real life. Meanwhile Alex does end up meting an older hot guy, initially for a hookup and then later they both decide to ry it out for something more meaningful. There is no definite ending to this series but we do see a glimpse of the life of a typical gay New Yorker.

ok, I have to be honest. I was expecting a little more compared to season 1. I don’t know why but my expectations were higher. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact there were lot of improvements from season 1. A good amount of time and focus was given to other stories as well besides Alex but still that zing was missing and I still can’t point my finger at what exactly was it. Was it the slight arrogance in “ I am the perfect man” Alex, or was it because no proper ending was given. I would not know. Anyway, at least in terms of production, direction and acting; I would give full marks to everyone involved. For w eb series, it is still a commendable job done.

I hope the seasons continue and we get to see more. (6/10)

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