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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Best Day Ever

Oh My God!! yes, we still make terrible shitty gay themed films, where we want all attention on ourselves and torture the audience. This film definitely falls into this category. It has a simple story but it has been stretched beyong belief and it just tests our patience.

David, an independent filmmaker, is turning 50 and is questioning his life, whether he has done something meaningful, whether he has found true love.. blah blah blah. Does he truly love his long term partner? We find out that they have a minor aragonite over dinner and they decide to split (what?). David’s friend then introduces him to his cousin Shane, who is a loner from Indiana and because David’s friend thinks that the two loners can make a life together. Sure enough, for whatever reason the two click together and finally David finds the true love.

Yes the story is that simple but the screenplay and the direction and the acting is terrible. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. David keeps going on and on about he is almost 50 and how he is going through mid-life crisis  to the extent that i want to strangle him to remind us again that he is soon going to be turning 50. We are supposed to empathise with David but on the contrary he is the one who sounds like a whining, bitchy, drama queen and why would anyone wanna be with him. Shane, for whatever unexplained reasons get attracted to David (really?). David keeps going on and on about his past, about his life, about true love. As a viewer you have stopped really caring about him just after the 10 minutes of the film. It's just all drama and moaning from the get go. Editing was bad. There were sudden jumps form scene to scene and some very obvious glitches. I feel that if I spend anymore time on writing worse things about this film, I would actually be doing a favour to the film.

A one man show of a miserable charmless man, full o drama and attention seeking. This is a big yawn. Don’t let the charming poster fool you. (2/10)


Luigi C said...

The only reason I watched this movie was because of "Arizona Sky "'s director London. But ,U are right, no chances he will grow up. Same tears .

Golu said...

And to think that I actually liked "Arizona Sky". Its sad. This film was really pathetic.