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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Little Bi Peep

Little Bi Peep is supposed to be a comedy about myriad of relationships. As the name suggests the protagonist should be bisexual and would probably delve into the story and life of how the lead handles the bisexuality. Does the film meet expectations? Let’s read further.

The plot is actually basically very simple. Emma lives with her mother. Her routine includes sleeping through the day, then working at a night, very seedy adult/porn store which is usually followed by going to some bar, picking up either a man/woman; having sex and moving on with her life. We go through the mundane routine of her everyday life, waking up late, struggling with her coffee machine and being dropped off and picked up by her mom. We also realise that Emma makes up new names and new carers, overtime she meets a person because she doesn’t do drama and more than one night stand. One day she meets Mason, who she later finds out is transgender IT technician. Mason doesn’t jump in to Emma’s pants right away and takes her for dates. Finally when Emma also starts to have feelings for Mason(does she really?), things take an ugly turn when the girls from her past arrive and the real truth behind Emma is revealed, leaving everyone shocked on all the lies she has been telling.

Emma, played by Anna Shields, is the main actor, write and director of the film. As an actor I would say she is good, as a director average but as a writer; she needs a lot of work to do. There were some serious gaps and flaws in the screenplay of the film. Watching and going through Emma’s mundane daily routine gets pretty boring after about 10 minutes but we still have to sit through for about 30 minutes for it. The title suggests “bi” but barring one man, all action happens with other girls, until finally Mason comes into picture. Looking at all this, I wonder what was the real intent behind giving it a “bi” twist. As an actor Emma does quite well and brings out the boredom, frustration and naughtiness of the character alive. But same cannot be said of other actors. While most girls were over the top, Mason was a little too conservative. I wish there was a right balance. The film needs some serious editing. Many scenes at home feel repetitive. As a concept I think the idea is nice but as a full length feature film, it gets boring and repeated after a while.

I think this film will work better as a short narrative of 45 minutes or so; but as a full length feature film, it failed to keep my attention beyond a certain point. (3/10)

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