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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Such Good People

I love over the top screwball comedies, specially gay ones. Watching these films is one of the few times, where you can leave your brain aside and just enjoy the proceedings. But the biggest problem with this film is that it is not funny and there isn’t any reason to laugh at all. The characters make stupid decisions, which are non-laughable (more on that later)

Richard and Alex are sexy, young gay couple living a blissful life in sunny Los Angeles. They have everything but are missing that perfect house where they can raise a family. When they chance upon a beautiful mansion, with a picturesque charm, they want it at any cost. They crash a party at that place and make friends with owners Jake and Chloe. We also meet Alex’s half sister who also wants that house. When Jake and Chloe pick Richard and Alex to house sit for them while they go to Bhutan to help orphan kids, destiny has something else in store. Jake and chloe get killed in Bhutan and Alex and Richard stumble upon a pile of cash of almost million dollar. Now the couple struggle between the right and wrong with the cash. What’s the right decision to be made. At the same time, Alex’s sister and brother-in-law are behind their tail and may be hiding secrets much more deeper than the gay couple is aware of. Going back and forth between wanting to donate the money to charity v/s buying  the house of their dreams, the brother-sister duo gets into a game of one-man-upmanship. In various twists and turns, secret of money is revealed, the sibling rivalry is tested and all’s well that ends well.

Seasoned and well known actors playing Richard and Alex helps the plot. They along with other cast members put in an admirable effort but the writing and direction leaves a lot to be desired. I did not laugh at any single scene and instead caught myself rolling my eyes. Richard (from Ugly Betty) still provides unique charm but Alex's acting leaves a bit to be desired. I expected a lot more. This whole thing could have been funny 5 years ago but common, we should update ourselves with time. The madcap antics by characters always seem unbelievable, and the plot never really gathers momentum. I am ok with a crazy logic in screwball comedies but this film just missed all the fun, energy and vibrancy that such films are needed.

Overall just an average effort. This could have been so much better. (4.5/10)

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