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Monday, April 6, 2015

Banana (TV Series) (UK)

Banana is first of the two spin-off shows from ‘Cucumber’. The show focussed mainly on Henry and Banana, in 8 episodes, focuses on 8 different characters and journey of love, heartbreak, sex and drama. Some of these characters very prominently feature in Cucumber, while others feature in just blink an miss appearance. Nevertheless, it is a great idea to showcase some of these stories. Added to the fact that these stories have some sort of comic touch to them, makes for an excellent viewing. You may or may not agree to everything that is shown, but you certainly won't be able to neglect it.

Episode 1 focusses on office boy Dean, who has been complaining about he was thrown out of the house. Since he needs money desperately, he visits his home with his best friend Scotty.
Episode 2 shows Scotty and her obsession with an older married woman and how she stalks her. Armed with a fantastic support system, the scene where she tells the woman how beautiful she is, was just perfect.
Episode 3 focusses on a lesbian relationship between two different individuals, a relaxed party goer and a more focussed career driven girl. Despite differences, the relationship can still be worked out f you really want to.
Episode 4 focussed on trans woman Helen, victim of a jealous ex, who decided to share some of their intimate videos and pictures online when she spurned his attempts of friendship. The support that her family gives her in the end was incredible
Episode 5 shows a young teenager who is obsessed with Freddie after a hook up. It shows him attending his best friends wedding and try to make sense into her that there is more to life than just being married and not living her dreams.
Episode 6 introduces us to  adorably quirky and slightly paranoid Amy. She goes on a nervous but lovely date with policewoman Kay, who also found out was the woman to arrest Daniel for Lance's murder.
Episode 7 shows Aiden, a hunky guy and how a simpleton Frank wants to have a relation with him. They both feel a connection but Aiden makes it more than clear in no uncertain terms that a relationship between the two of them was never, ever going to happen.
Episode 8 is a strong episode that focusses on elderly lesbian and her cleaning empire. She realises a little tool ate that the girls she has been employing for cleaning, could possibly be being abused by their caretaker JonJon.

Every episode was actually quite nice and very informative, sometimes surpassing the parent show. My favourite has to be one with Scotty and then about Amy. Actually every episode was quite nice and very intelligently done. apart from Dean and Scotty, the other characters did not feature that prominently in the show, but it was still nice to see that the characters being built and some episodes being created around their life and support system. Great spin-off show. (7.5/10)

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