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Friday, March 20, 2015

Underage And Gay (UK) (Documentary)

In the documentary film Underage and Gay, shown on Channel 4 in UK, we meet bright, articulate, funny teenagers who tell their own stories during this interesting period of their lives. The camera follows queer teenagers for about 4-6 months to survey whether the world is now a more tolerant place? But even more importantly, what is the reality for LGBT teenagers in Britain today?

Become from Bradford is a 14 year old gay teenager who was never in doubt of his sexuality. The documentary looks at his desire to be out, open and honest while starting at his new work but at the same time dealing with threatening phone calls and abuive messages. Mykyla, 14, is a self-described ‘butch lesbian’ and as such has had issues fitting in with other girls. She attempts to meet more people ‘like her’ including a residential boat trip with an LGBT group. During the trip she finds out that she identifies herself being addressed more as a boy with pronoun ‘he’ but still wants to retain her body. Tamika , 16, is a sassy, confident lesbian. After years of fitting in, and keeping a low profile, Tamika has decided that her school prom is her chance to smash some preconceptions her schoolmates have about her by turning up in an elegant evening gown. Alex, 17, was born a female, but is starting to construct a new life as a male. After some domestic strife, he was placed in a hostel, away from a family that had always mistreated him. We watch as he attempts to build a new life away from them, and struggles with the realities of being a transgender teen. Finally, Cariad, 14, a Welsh lesbian who has suffered horrific bullying. She decides to let go off her tom boy look and embrace her girly-ness with her new look and new confidence.

All the teenagers in this documentary come across as intelligent, brave and obviously self-aware of who they are and how they want to live their lives. People question whether at such a young age do they really know who they are and what they want but it is a debate saved for another day. It was interesting to see what teenagers even in today’s day and age go through. Alex’s story affected me the most. For a 16 year old to start a life on your won without emotional support from family is got to be the hardest thing anyone has to do. The other also have interesting stories and the fact that the duration is just the right size under an hour, it keeps the viewers engaged and at the same time the message is passed across.

A touching and brave documentary about sexuality and gender. (6/10)

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