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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gay Short Films : 30

A list of some really short films/programs that I saw with gay theme.

The Clearing (UK)
This short show an unidentified walker who is lured through the woods by the distant sound of a saxophone. He is drawn past inviting groups of gay men luring him into sexual acts, a woman picnicking, a boy eating an apple, before finally reaching the clearing. Good !

Alfalfa (UK)
Film introduces a gay alphabet, with the aid of images and music, which it is argued is a defence against heterosexual language. Yawn !!

Distance (French Canada)
A couple struggling in their relationship gets the last blow when the husband comes out to his wife as gay. Average !

The Navajo Nation and Same-Sex Marriage (USA)
The national debate over gay marriage, however, is prompting some Navajos to re-examine a 2005 tribal law called the Dine Marriage Act, which prohibits same-sex unions on the reservation. More documentary style. Yawn !

Black Gay Dads Who Blew Up Twitter (USA)
What did Kordale and Kaleb Lewis, the black, gay, Atlanta-based fathers of three young children do when they were faced with intense homophobia and racism after a picture of them doing their daughter’s hair went viral. Nice !

Kus me Zachtjes (Belgium) [Kiss Me Softly]
All attention in the family goes to 17 year old Jasper’s singer dad. He rebels by coming out to his family by kissing his boyfriend in the entire crowd. Comedy !

Primera Vez (Argentina) [First Time]
An 18-year old meets a man of 29 in a chatroom and decides to have his first experience with him. Pretty good !!

Mies Etsii Miestä (Finland) [Man Seeking Man]
An old man gets a surprise when he mistakes his estranged son to be the hustler who he had advertised for and was expecting to show up around the same time. Awkward !

No Particular Night in Fun City (USA)
A young boy running away from the law ends up in the back alley, only to bump into a leather jacket daddy, who hates faggot. Conversation between them reveals that the boy ran away because he bashes a man whom he thought was trying to blow him when he was taking a leak. Bad acting !

Cara O Cruz (Spain) [Head Or Tail]
Heartwarming story of 2 very close friends who know they are not gay and talk about it but would rather be with each other than choose that over any girl or their further education.  Excellent short film !

You're Dead To Me (USA)
As she prepares to receive family members on an important anniversary a mother cooks, cleans, and fights with her trans teen over unresolved differences that left them estranged. The argument reveals some rifts in their relationship and resolves itself in an unexpected and touching climax. Very good !

Former Inmate On His Time In LA Jail's 'Gay Wing' (USA)
A former inmate ( a British producer) walks us through his experience of spending time in the gay wing of LA prison and what things you have to deal with as opposed to politics of normal wing. Interesting !

Victor (France)
Victor is a young man of good breeding, who keeps his dead parents in the bedroom of their sumptuous family cottage. The new status quo opens the door for new discoveries in curing a threesome with his maid and his hunky boyfriend.

Orange/Milk (Romania)
The story of two friends whose relationship is built around the obsession for voyeurism and for each other. A better direction an this film would have been fantastic. Alex was HOT !

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