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Monday, March 9, 2015

Cuatro Lunas (Spanish) [4 Moons]

Films with multiple parallel tracks can be a hit or miss. Some stories gel well with each other while others don’t. Each film-maker has a different way to present these stories. Some keep them totally separate while others try to bring in the characters into each other to show some form of relation between the stories. There is no right or wrong between these two styles. As long as the viewer is still sufficiently engaged and enjoys, nothing else matters.

This film also follows 4 parallel stories. We meet 11 year old Mauricio who has a secret crush on his dark haired cousin. Rather confident of his feelings, he manages to act on it with his curious cousin only to be later humiliated in public by the cousin’s curiosity-turned-homophobia. The young boy’s first brush of crush will leave a deep impact on his life including how his parent’s react to the entire situation. In the second story we meet Fito & Leo, former school buddies as kids who reunite in college again. Spending time with each other makes them fall in love and they are both surprised by it. But soon Leo starts fearing to be found by family and friend. His first boy-friend or love is no longer important but sense soon prevails and things are green again. Third story is about lovers Hugo and Andre who have been together for 10 years. They routine life has induced boredom in Hugo, who secretly starts seeing another man. Andrew wants to hold on to Hugo and do everything it takes to salvage the relationship but will that be enough. Maintaining a relationship is as hard as finding love in the first place. And in the last story we see a retired professor and poet with wife, kids and grandkids, propositioning to a ripped hustler in a gay sauna. He ends up stealing his grandkids christmas money to satisfy his curiosity but the change of heart in both of them in second half just looks forced.

Each story in this film corresponds to one of the four phases of the moon: new, half waxing, full, and half waning; and each has a gay protagonist at a roughly corresponding time of life: late childhood, late teens or very early 20s, middle 30s, and old age. Each protagonist faces challenges typically faced by gay males at those times of life, but presented in entirely original ways. Acting by pretty much everyone is actually quite good and good direction. My absolute favourite story is about leo and Jito. It is really endearing and heartwarming. Their interactions, first time cuddling and sleeping, their attempt at first time sex and everything else is just pure and magical and captured very very well on screen. How I wish now that someone takes specifically this story with the same actors and weave a full-length feature on justice section. Sadly the last story about the old man feels completely the opposite. It was stretched beyond meds and the scenes where he s hanging out with his daughters seemed completely out of place and unnecessary. The other 2 stories were equally good and they all teach us something. How a kid goes through adolescence and will it scar him for life that he is gay. The scene where he goes to church to ask the priest if he ha committed crime, gives us a glimpse of what could follow. Overall the film was quite engrossing and I can definitely admit that I did not feel bored of the film and can see myself revisiting it at some point in life.

The stories grab your attention till the end. Overall a very pleasant and satisfying movie. (7.5/10)

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