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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kissing Darkness

And its back!! The saga of terrible awful gay themed films mad in US is back. Let me just say it out loud: ‘Please do not watch this awful terrible movie. Save 1.5 hours of your life’. I would not recommend to watch it, even if you get paid to do so. But then, if you need lessons on how ‘not to act’ and how ‘not to direct’, this film could be a good case study.

A group of friends rent a cabin in the woods to escape the hollow festivities of West Hollywood Gay Pride. The group consists of 4 gays and one straight guy whose father owns the cabin. Once there, boredom fast settles as they're deprived of their usual party tactics. They get their hands on an Ouija board which somehow awakens the spirit of a Gothic murderess. The vampire starts following and one after the other, the guys are attacked and made vampires. I do not even wanna go into the details of the story anymore because only I know how I managed to survive the film.

Acting was over the top by everyone involved. I couldn’t believe how terrible Sean Paul Lockhart was. Its such a shame. Everyone else was also quite annoying. The bitchy queen blond was so artificial and annoying. The scenes were totally out of sync and lot of connections just did not make any sense. The film would cut from one scene to the other without much explanation on what the hell is going on. You will never know why the straight guy kept taking his shirt off at every single given moment and why the hell would he come with a group of gay guys for vacation anyway when he doesn’t even like them. The only good thing about the movie is a lot of eye-candy, fully ripped torsos and some ass of the cute boys. The vampire girl was terrible as well but probably the most decent in the whole lot. The sound in many scenes is also terrible and you just can’t understand a word of what is being said.

Horrible acting, horrible production, horrible movie. Two stars for some (actually, a lot of) eye candy.   (2/10)


Kyle Blitch said...

I played the "bitchy queen blond" I acted the way the script told me to, this movie is very campy, doesn't make sense, and is very out there. If your looking for a brainless movie then watch it but its not like it wasted anyone's time, we waste time all day long. We put a lot of effort into this film and if you watch it great, if not whatever, but to criticize everything on a demeaning motive that tells everyone to not watch it is upsetting. I get that its your job but we had numerous outside influences that curved how this movie was done and it was out of our control.

Golu said...

Fair enough. But I have always maintained that these are my personal views as a avid moviegoer. And there are people whose tastes could be same as mine or completely opposite. So my recommendation is for folks who share same taste as me. I understand sometimes there are external factors that can end up making a movie completely diff from what t was intended to do but c'mmon, you have to agree, this was ...

John W said...

Kyle... I saw this as James was finishing post production and I haven't seen the final version, but I loved your character and told you so when I saw you out a few years back. I still crack myself up with, "Oh..Hell No".