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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gerontophilia (French)

Gerontophilia means ‘love for old people’. This love story is shocking, at least for me,in terms of its premise but by the time the film ends, it does make sense. This story of intergenerational gay love, although being controversial ends up also a tender love story if you can look beyond the predujices. I have never witnessed such a premise in the gay film scene and this is enough to generate the curiosity for me for this film.

18 year old Lake is in a relationship with his overly feminist girlfriend Desiree. But soon we get a hint that he actually gets aroused and excited by old wrinkly jaded old men. The happiness he sees sees a guard on the road and later when he gets an awkward erection while resuscitating a geriatric swimmer at the pool. His boozy mother soon gets him a job at ld age nursing home and Lake feels in heaven. One patient who particularly gets his attention is Mr. Peabody, 81 year old from theatre actor. After a few meetings the two people hit it off and they share martinis and games of gin rummy and nap-time canoodling. When Lake tells about this to Desiree, she surprising is supportive of Lake but its not the same of his mother and the home authorities and they instead load up Mr Peabody’s meds and strap him to the bed. Lake decides to do something about it and to fulfil Mr Peabody’s wish, decides to take him to Pacific Ocean on a road trip. This road trip leads to moments of love and jealousy when Lake feels that youngsters are trying to get Peabody’s attention (maybe of money) but he truly loves him. Lake tries to overcome his jealousy monster but its too late. Age and Travel catches up with Peabody and the expected happens.

I am not sure if this film is meant to be taken very seriously in terms of how we treat our senior citizens or is it a light-hearted take with uber-feminist girlfriend and Lake’s alcoholic mother providing the laughs. But what I do know is that it was different and actually rather pleasant watch. It is a captivating story of love, loss, and personal exploration. Lake is immensely charming and super cute. His smile is to die for. I am really looking forward to seeing him in more films. I think I was enjoying this film evermore because of his innocent looks, good acting and brilliant smile. Mr Peabody’s character was very interesting and very well done as well. After ding some research online, I found that the director of this film has previously made only soft porn films, so I have to commend on this big transition with and independent meaningful film extracting amazing performances from his actors and dealing with a topic that is too much of a taboo.

Don’t let the topic intimidate you. Watch it with an open mind. You may not agree with it but that doesn’t mean the film is not good. (6/10)

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