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Friday, January 23, 2015

Gay Short Films : 28

Mi Realidad (Spain) [My Reality]
Xavi is a boy who has been left by his fiancé after a relationship of 5 years. He can’t stand it and decides to rely on some self-help books in order to leave behind his sadness. This includes imagining that his boyfriend is always with me when he wake sup, when he sleeps, when he walks , when he works; everywhere and anywhere. But how far will this world of reality and dreams go. Will Xavi go to a level where he begins to lose even the real friends he has?

The First (USA)
A brilliant short summarising the belief that you never forget your first. Our main character is bi-sexual and seems to be exploring his own preferences and feelings although at the same time he is hurting others in the process. It starts with him cheating on his girlfriend with a boy, then another girl before the girl-friend realises whats going on. A series of hook-ups follow before its time that our hero needs to decide what he wants from life and love. Good production values and decent acting.

Tsintty (Portugal)
3 relationship and 3 couples. gay, lesbian and straight. One thing that is common among them is anguish and suffering when one of them is abandoned of a loving relationship by their partner. Now its upto these individuals to find the strength to overcome the difficulties that came over their life. Its the story of the end of a relationship, a broken heart, and how that heart picks up the pieces to move on.

Vuelo cancelado (Spain)
When his flight canceled, Martin returns home and is face to face with infidelity. He finds his boyfriend sleeping with a girl. The three get into a chat which neither is prepared for. When Martin finds out truth, he wants to help his Bf but shock awaits for him, when the female casting director finds him more interesting.

Jumper (Germany)
A secret visitor outside the house of a family. The naked man in the window symbolizes ‘the elephant in the room’ and the thing we don’t talk about. Each of the four family members remember the time when they all individually slept with the visitor. What follows is a complete breakdown of the family.

A Descoberta Luke (Brazil)
Luke is 18 and goes to a gay sauna. He discovers that it is not things work there as he always thought. Luckily not lost all hope. A sweet and funny animation.

Liquid Sun (Netherlands)
Victor and Aidan are friends. Victor is visiting and is about to head back to Poland but something happens the day before where the friendship is questioned. Victor kiss Aidan who punches him back. But the fun and friendship is still intact. Victor leaves hoping something to happen but Aidan realise his true feelings hone it is a little too late. Interesting feature and very well shot.

I Hit Send, or Modern Meltdown (USA)
Written for a poetry reading at Penn State earlier this year, Steven Boyle is ridiculously adorable  and touching reading his work "I Hit Send, or Modern Meltdown" about the first time he told someone he loved them. Find it online and watch it. Its fun.

Can’t Quit You (Taiwan)
An autobiographical short film about Zico, a hair stylist. It’s the story of his first love, a relationship that blossomed when he began his career as a hairstyling assistantThe couple dreamed of a life together, symbolised by an identical tattoo that would become the emblem of their bond. But just when everything starts to seem perfect, Yin steps into the world of drug addiction, turning their relationship upside down.

Even we’re apart (Vietnam)
A film with only music and no dialogues , shows life of a couple who are apart from each other for a short time but how theistic manage to keep connected through technology. When its time to meet, there is a small scare but the lovers are reunited.

O PitBull (Brazil)
On the beautiful beach of Ipanema, two seemingly very different men have something in common sure! An animation feature. Silly but cute.

Asbjørn (The Love You Have In You)
Music video featuring a gay couple and their interaction.

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