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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Eastern Boys (French/English)

An interesting mix of two very diverse topics has been dealt with in this delicate, ambitious and gripping drama. We see the intricacies of eastern boys who are illegally in France and what gay-male sexuality is about. A home invasion, a tender love story, hide-and-seek thriller and finally a deft ending; this film definitely tackles and shows things which I have not seen before.

Film begins with us observing a gang of eastern European guys hanging out at the railway station. We ultimately see a 40 something Daniel, who is somehow interested in one of the boys named Marek, a handsome Ukrainian hustler. Daniel gives him his address and asks him to come next day. A naive thought son becomes a nightmare when his home is invaded by the entire gang and slowly everything is taken from him, in a very tense but long sequence. Stripped of everything material that he possessed, Daniel starts working again, only to be visited by Marek again the next day. This time for sex. Marek frequently starts visiting and we see a gradual bond starting to develop. The sexual intensity increases, they become companions. Marek enjoys his company and Daniel finally feels he has someone to take care of. The carnal relationship starts turning into parental bond. But there isa problem. Mark’s passport is held by his boss, the leader of the gang and for Daniel and Marek to do anything, they will need his passport. Some thrilling sequences later. A hide and seek chase sequence where Mare gets captured by his boss but later saved by Daniel, shows us even more depth of the conditions that those people are living in. Finally Daniel is able to make a valid argument to be Marek’s legal guardian and he adopts him.

The film is sort of shown in 4 parts and some of them feels disconnected.The second part where Daniel is a hostage in his own apartment is really scary. I mean, its  avery real situation that most gay men do not think of but it could happen to any of us. The helplessness that Daniel has when he sees there is nothing he can do about the gang robbing his house is so real and nerve wrecking. Marek also plays his part beautifully and so does Boss, in his menacing act of the gang leader. Sure;y we see how the relationship loves between 2 men and how Daniel moves on from wanting Marek’s body to now wanting to be his guardian is shown evolving. It just doesn’t happen in a snap. The fourth part set in the hotel when Marek goes to take his passport feels a bit disconnected from the film and I feel it was somehow better handled, but oh well !!

A little crisper editing and shorter runtime would make this film even better watch.. It is still quite interesting and shocking. (7/10)

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