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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Phi Chai (Thai) [My Bromance]

Wow! Another Thai film that impressed me. Some people may find this controversial and even cheeky to an extent but I thought that the direction was done quite well and most of the stations were handled bravely and sensitively. Its not a typical gay teen coming-of-age film but its more than that. Its about whats right and what’s not in a relationship.

Golf lives with his father and aunt. His father showers him with money but not love. When he remarries, in comes Bank, his step brother. Bank constantly keeps trying to reach Golf but is always met with hostility. Things change when their common friends make Golf realise on how bad he is treating his brother. The 2 guys start accepting each other as brothers. Bank gives Golf the love and warmth that he has always desired. The school’s pop start is interested in Bank who refuses his proposal because he likes someone else. The moment when the 2 boys confess their love for each other being a brotherly love is very emotional. The two start a relationship and even find acceptance form their friend circle. But hell breaks lose when the parents find out. Golf’s father warns him to break off the relationship or else he will send Bank to US. Reluctantly Golf decides to go to US for studies so that Bank’s life is not torn apart. When he returns after 6 months with a fiancĂ©, Bank is hurt and doesn’t know what to do. Clearly the 2 boys still care for each other and love each other very much. Hurt by what Golf has done, Bank decides to go to the school pop-star. Angry with this development and to prove his unconditional love for Bank, Golf puts himself and Bank in an accident. Golf survives but Bank is critical since he will now need kidney replantation surgery. Golf offers his kidney. Time passes and Bank misses Golf because he thinks he went back to US. Only in the end the truth is revealed that Golf dies after donating his kidney. He had  tumour which was diagnosed after the accident.

An interesting story done very interestingly. While t is a reflection of teenage guys love and discovery, the film doesn’t touch on any issues around homosexuality, which I am fine with. Not every film is supposed to do that. I liked how the friend are acceptable of their love even though maybe they may be not approve of 2 guys loving each other in general. The underlying theme of friendship beyond the love of 2 guys was quite evident. Both of the guy acted well IMO although Bank was much better than Golf, even prettier. Some of the scenes with Golf seemed way over the top but Bank was more natural and real. They should lose of the weird whining and grits that the 2 boys randomly give out. Its very comic and no dramatic at all. The first half of the movie was quite cute and sweet and send half was completely dramatic. I think the mares wanted every element to be part of this film. They rely didn’t have to put so much drama and twists in the second half of the film.  There is a line from the film that I would not forget
“Love isn’t about wing brave or not,
it’s about whether you want to love or not”

Very watchabale and overall the movie was still above my expectations. (7/10)

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