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Monday, December 1, 2014

Last Summer

My faith in good gay cinema has once again been reinstated. But I guess I knew that very well that I will encounter some wort of worse movies and some really decent to some really good ones. This film needs patience but that and the simplicity of this film is what makes it special and you feel connected to it. A small town life has to be portrayed in a way that it exists. Not more not less. So yeah, some of you may get very impatient but trust me, give this film your attention and no expectations. You would be surprised !

Like and Jonah have been inseparable ever since they were 4. Jonah is the smart one and an artist while Luke is just an average kid. It is their last summer together before Jonah leaves for college. Each one of them loves the other more than the other person thinks. It is killing both of them equally that Jonah is going to leave but is there anything that they can do except their time together? Faced with separation, they savour every remaining moment, hold it, cherish it, never letting it go. Their relationship has solidified over years and thats what keep them happy, loved and safe.

Yes, when it comes to the story line, there is nothing more than what I have mentioned above, but when you watch this 65 minute odd film, you are left in awe in the minimal dialogues, the silence, the beauty and the perfect image of summer, peaceful and tranquil. The film doesn’t overdo anything. Simple things like cuddling, intertwined feet playing with each other with their shoes on, falling asleep in each other’ arms, time spent with their family and moments of quiet contemplation as Jonas and Luke ponder what the future holds for them individually and collectively. Separately they contemplate the future and wonder about being left behind by the other, but together in the last lazy days of summer, they simply exist in the now and are content to do so. They being gay or being in a relationship is never an issue with anyone. This film is more about pure teenage love. Its weird that even though the guys never even kiss but the film still felt very romantic.

First love in a small town has never been shown so beautifully, romantically and simplistically. When you love someone, you just want to be with them and spend time with them. Everything else just waits. (7.5/10)


Cart Anggle said...

Hey this seems very interesting news. I never heard about gay cinema before So I enjoyed reading your article. Actually I want to get some information on gay actors list. Can you give me some more suggestions?

Golu said...

What help are you looking for?

GC from France said...

Beautiful scenery, subtle poetry, spot on acting... Definitely worth watching.
I was so sad at the end when Luke left. The little piano act really moved me.
Anyone who's got a heart should give this one a go.

Golu said...

Happy that you agree :)