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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Where The Bears Are: Season 3 (Web Series)

And the bears are back ! By now, if you have seen the first two seasons, you have a general idea on the characters, their goofiness, their interactions and their silliness as well. So you know exactly what you expect and hence what you get is also what you expect. Its a win-win situation.

Like the predecessors, his season will also feature Reggie, Wood, Nelson and Todd into solving yet another thrilling murder mystery. Suddenly all chunky beefy male models of ‘Chunk Studio’ are being illdd and over a period of time there are 3 deaths. Nelson gets cast in a horror film, Chunk Studio owner wants Todd to join, which he ultimately joins as undercover. And Reggie enlists Wood to help him shoot a reality TV pilot to help him expand his brand as a true crime expert. We also have the usual dose of the 2 detectives also trying to solve the case. Thing sleep mystifying and eye are raised at all potential suspects including the make-up at its, ex-flames and anyone working in the Chunk Studio. Just when they the fours think that they have solved the murder mystery by catching the culprit, a rude shocks awaits them. Apparently it was not just one or two killers but its a team and now the bears must unite to solve this mystery for good.

The series was still fun and good time pass. Nelson’s hyper active praise of himself still gets to my nerves but its the combination of Wood and Todd that keeps it very interesting. Also the number of cute bears that you get to see in this series is just amazing. Since this is a web series, I can understand watching it like a movie feels dragged but its ok. I, for one, look for more seasons and stories coming out form this combination but as I mentioned earlier, the makers really need to keep the total length in check.

Definitely a laughter riot, but only if you have seen the previous seasons and you know exactly what you are getting. Otherwise you may end up with wtf reaction. (5.5/10)

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