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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

L'inconnu du lac (French) [Stranger By The Lake]

Wow! I have not seen an erotic gay thriller, which is drama yet full of eroticism. Although, at the same time, I can totally see people hating this film absolutely because a lot of scenes feel repeated. According to me that's necessary and I will talk about it in details later. The film is mixture of allure and menace. Most scenes have an underlying tension, and we really do not know what to expect beyond the lake and the bushes.

The basic plot of the film is very simple. A young man Frank, spends his summer days hopelessly searching for companionship at a popular cruising spot on the shores of a lake in rural France. The woods behind the beach is where the gay men involve in sexual encounters. Frank meets Henri, a flabby a guy whose wife has just left him and who sits alone on the beach away from most gay men. Frank also meets Michel, a very attractive yet darkly mysterious man and starts falling blindly in love with him. Although Michel is with someone, he and Frank does end up hooking-up. One evening Frank spots Michel drowning his current partner. Instead of calling the police, he is drawn more and more towards Michel and desperately falls in love with him; even as local police starts an investigation and both Frank and Michel are prime suspects. Henri has an intuitive understanding of what has happened and warns Frank who himself is scared but can't help being madly in love with him. When Henri confronts Michel of knowing what has happened, he goes to the woods signaling Michel to follow him, Frank overcomes with a bad feeling and rushes towards the woods. He finds Henri dying who tells him that he has finally received what he used to come to the beach for. With Henri dead, Franck is terrified and runs off into the woods to hide. Michel is now looking for Frank who is hiding but still his desire to be with Michel is greater than his fear.

The whole look of the film, as I said before is very thrilling. A slow thriller that sets the pace of the daily ritual of these individuals. The way characters move and interact is very very real. The naked male body is celebrated like never before and is treated very casually and with eroticism. Yes, the sex scenes are out there but as an audience we need to understand that yes Frank is driving himself to self-destruction because Michel is all worth it according to him. Sure I did sometimes get uneasy every time we see the similar scene of cards driving and parking, but you feel as if you are present there and are visually witnessing everything that is going on. The performances are beautiful and setting flawless. I can see why this film is being applauded in the film circuits. And at the same time I can also understand moviegoers saying WTF !!! This film needs attention, patience and your complete involvement.

The mystery may be resolved, but the suspense and uncertainty remains even in the end. I thoroughly enjoyed it but don't take my word because for all I know, you may actually hate it. (8.5/10)


Afuri Kurage said...

why I cant find Beyond The Walls here? Thats the first France gay movie that I've ever watched

Robert White said...

I think frech gay films are excellent I always watch them whenever I have the chance This thriller is a good one too

Golu said...

This is definitely one of the better and critically acclaimed films