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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cockpit (Swedish)

Ok, so this may not really be classified as queer cinema, but it touches upon the subject tangentially, so there is no harm done in reviewing the film here. Plus this film was quite funny and interesting and I think more people should watch the film and get entertained. We don't always have to have films on serious subjects. Its time we lighten up the mood a little.

Valle is a successful pilot and leading a good life with a wife and kids. When the job market goes down, he unexpectedly finds himself out of job. To make matters worse, his wife divorces him and ends up with a much older man and Valle finds himself living with his sister in his childhood home. Unable to find a pilot job, he decides to impersonate as a woman with the help of his sister, when he finds an opening for a female pilot. Of course, he gets the job and this is where the fun begins. He starts getting close to a bi-sexual stewardess and a fellow pilot, known for his promiscuity, starts flirting with her. On a tragic flight, when there is engine failure, Valle starts freaking out and passes out. When he wakes up, he sees that most people are injured, including the co-pilot but everyone is safe. He becomes an instant star in the country. Everyone talks about feminism and brave women etc. Valle (now female) becomes a brand and much respected. The lines between his female and male life as well as his personal and love life starts to become a blur which he eventually cannot handle and one day the truth comes out in black box recording. Everyone is ashamed and suddenly female pilots are the worse pilots. Feeling pressure by his sister, who thinks that Valle should tell everyone that he is bad pilot. It has nothing to do with females. The way Valle comes out at a press conference is hilarious and so is the entire sequence thereafter.

Cockpit is light-hearted and charming film and serves as a potent reminder that identity is fragile, fluid but powerful. Humans are more important than gender and an individual is so because of his/her identity and not gender. Although this genre has been definitely tried before, it still remains funny depending on how well it has been done. There are more than enough funny scenes in this film, which continue to trickle your funny bone. Valle is funny and handsome. He is great when he is a man, but leaves a lot to be desired while portraying a woman. Make-up etc. could have been better. Maria, his sister's character was in fact the funny one and also his mother's who has now turned lesbian.

Decent time pass and funny film. You will not get bored for sure. (7/10)

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