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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Love's Coming (Thai)

These days sexual ambiguity is the biggest trend in Thai films right now. This film, directed by a newcomer is a very light-hearted comedy-ish film that focuses on school going kids. Thai films so far for me have been a mixed bag, so I wasn't expecting much form this film and I think that worked in its favor. For some pople, it will seem a bit amateurish but then when you see the film from that perspective, you will be ok. This is not breaking any new grounds. The idea is to make people laugh.

There is a close knit group of 4 school going boys. Gump, Pid, Arm and Zee. They have just finished their exams and wanna hang out but Gump bows out saying that he has to teach his neighbor Nai. Nai is a very popular and handsome guy who is quite popular with pretty much everyone. This makes Zee convinced that Gump is hiding something and that he is probably gay. The remaining three friends take help of one of their gay uncles to to figure out the truth. They try many techniques and finally they all decide to go to a camping trip. Talks begin on how do Gump and Nai know each other. The film goes in flashback, where we see how Nai's mother asks Gump's mother to help Gump teach Nai to he can pass in exams. The 2 boys start spending a lot of time together and their is a mutual admiration for each other. They both have feelings but neither of them has acted on it. In this camping trip, Gump and Nai share a tent and they cuddle and sleep and exchange a quick kiss. There are some hiccups when Nai's ex-girl-friend shows up but it turns out it was Zee's plan so that both Gump and Nai could accept their feelings for each other.

The two things that stood out for me were the supportive mother and the supportive friends. As much as the trip was desperate to find out if Gump is gay, they never made fun of him for it. They tell him that they are still his friends and fully supportive. Similarly, when Gump's mother see how happy Gump is every time he returns from Nai's home, she says that she will be very happy if Gump is happy. Acting from all actors is same and childish, which some how works for the film given the premise and the target audience. All of them have exceptionally great fit bodies, so yes there is a lot of eye-candy for you all. The whole sequence of camping and flash-back was way too long and thats when I started losing my attention on the film. I think the film can use a tighter editing and shorten the duration to not more than 80-85 minutes. That can definitely help the film.

Its strictly a time pass movie for people who do not mind some brainless amateurish entertainment. (5/10)


ash said...

hurm, i love this movie..
because the storyline about their love is light & easy to digest..
plus i really love to see such a cute gay couple..
for me, the thing that makes me happy to watch and love this movie because of the happy ending..
hope to see a lot of romantic movie like this..
ps:i love asian gay themed movie =)

Golu said...

Its all in perspective I suppose. We all have our choices. Glad that you liked it. There are so many more asian gay movies I have yet to see