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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (Portuguese) [The Way He Looks]

I was so excited when I saw that this cute short film (one of my favorites) has been made into a full length feature film. I was really curious to see what the makers can come up with when it comes to an entire length feature. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met completely. Don't get me wrong, it still is a fantastic film but can it match the humongous expectations that were set by the short film? Probably not! Maybe what the makers wanted to achieve versus my expectations didn't match  at a certain level. I was hoping the makers would focus on romance angle more (purely for selfish reasons), but makers tried to infuse the bling guy's struggle to be independent.

Leonardo is blind from north and is best friends with Giovana, who walks him him everyday from school. Leo is often picked up at school but he is used to it by now. The dynamics change after entry of Gabriel, a new student in the class who ends up sitting in proximity of Leo and Giordana. Gio probably likes Leo but can't do anything about it. She also wonders if Gabriel is interested in her. But Gabriel and Leo start becoming close friends. This is the first time Leo has found company in a male guy of his age group and unconsciously he ends up ignoring Gio in certain cases. She starts getting jealous of the close proximity between 2 guys. One night after a party Gabriel ends up kissing Leo but they don't talk about it anymore to avoid awkwardness. Leo clearly likes Gabriel but Gabriel says he doesn't remember anything and starts spending more time with another girl in the school. Gabriel also tries to make sure that misunderstanding is cleared between Leo and Gio, which ultimately happens. This gives Leo courage to tell Gio that he loves Gabriel. Initially shocked, Gio ventrally comes around and the film ends on a very positive note when it turns out that Gabriel has similar feelings for Leo.

You know as I am writing this review, I am realizing that barring a few issues that I had with the film, I pretty much liked most other things. Let's get over the negative first. There were quite a few scenes and dialogues where Leo wants to go to a different country and be on his own. His struggle to not always be helped but rather be independent. As a viewer I felt cheated because despite having spent so much time on discussing the issues, it was never given a proper closure. Although Leo riding a bike on his own in the end does show a sort of freedom that he gets. All 3 principal actors are simply terrific. Their performances are noting short of amazing and heart warming. The way these teenagers show emotions of love, jealousy, rejection, care & sensitivity is mind blowing. There is something endearing about the film that makes it worth the watch. The movie is very "go with the flow" and you feel a part of the film. Discussions between Leo's parents about their protectiveness for him were also handled with dignity and not pity. Actor playing Leo is superb. I was 100% convinced that he is blind in real life. Gabriel is so cute and adorable that I could eat him up :)

Complemented with a great musical score, this film is definitely worth a watch and highly recommended. (8/10)


Doug S said...

I was hoping to see this film. Where did you see it?

Golu said...

The film is now out on dvd and also available on various torrent websites. It shouldn't be too hard to find a copy.

Robert White said...

I simply loved it The characters are so tender! Aa refreshing film, far from drama worth the while

Golu said...

And this film becomes even more special if you have had seen the short film

Paul Delgadillo said...

Watch the ending again. Leo doesn't ride the bike by himself, Gabriel is standing on the bike to guide him, like a guardian angel Gabriel, if Leo may make a wrong turn in the future. I think that the whole going to another country issue is taken care of by the conversation Leo has with his dad when the boy's father is teaching him how to shave. The dad asks Leo to really think about whether it is really his desire to go to a foreign country or if it is just a way of furthering his independence. I would love to have seen what would have happened if Leo had been accepted and Giovanna and Gabriel found out the boy would be going to LA for an entire year but given the too controlling mother, I believe that realistically, it was never going to happen. I also loved it when the boys were showering at camp and Gabriel couldn't take his eyes off of Leo's naked ass. There are interviews with director and the three principle characters on You Tube for this film. The reason why I brought up the last part was that the film really plays a game of cat and mouse until Gabriel visits the sick Leo and mentions the fact that he never returned a kiss that Leo gave him. I also love how Fabio (the big bully) is shut down when the boys hold hands walking away from school together letting all know they are a couple.

Golu said...

Wow! Very interesting inputs! I will have to look at things again from this perspective.