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Friday, July 11, 2014

Geoff and Pavel

When I started watching this, I kept wondering why does this give a TV series feeling rather than watching a movie! And when in the first 5 minutes itself, the scenes were abruptly changing, I had to pause and look out what was going on. It turns out that this is not a film. The scenes were extracted from several episodes of the Irish TV series Raw. The result is a pretty decent watch (sometimes lethargic). It is not the usual youtube amateurish crap but it is not professional either. Overall a decent gay love story with a lot of stuff going around.

Geoff is the au-chef in a restaurant run by Tanya and her husband Max who is the main chef. People come for Max's cooking but his eccentric behavior more often than not, leaves Geoff in charge. A young Czech waiter Pavel has recently started at the restaurant. Like he does for most people, Geoff shouts at Pavel and makes fun but slowly starts caring for him. In the meantime there are a lot of side stories happening in the restaurant: drug dealing, restaurant not doing well and employee troubles. Geoff thinks he should be a partner because he works his ass off but Tanya doesn't agree. max really doesn't have much say in what happens or not. After hanging out a few times with Pavel, Geoff and him eventually hook up but for Geoff its another one-night stand. He starts treating Pavel even badly in the restaurant and that makes him hurt. Finally things start falling in place when everyone comes together to make restaurant a success. Geoff realizes his mistake and makes up with Pavel and they try to start a beautiful relationship together.

As mentioned This is not a film but scenes extracted, so as a viewer you will have to ignore when sudden scene jumps do not make any sense. Just keep focus on restaurant and Geoff And Pavel. To be very honest, there is not much to their love story either; jut a couple of interactions here and there but overall its still quite decent. Acting is quite decent by the cast. Again remember, this is supposed to be a TV show, so accordingly things just fall in place.

Overall a decent mash-up when you don't have better things to do and are looking for something strictly time pass. (4.5/10)

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