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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Retro Gay Short Stories

A collection of gay short stories before year 2000.

Un arrangement (France) [An Arrangement]
A man and his son come to terms with their sexuality in their own different manners: while the father painfully hides his secret from his family during night tricks, the son progressively discovers a more open sexuality. Very very interesting film.

Dizzy (Canada)
Written on a flight to Australia and intended as a speech for Hull’s brother’s wedding, Dizzy is a story of one man’s attempt to come to terms with his fragile balance in the modern world. Strictly time pass.

Pracht (Germany)
Two guys sitting across each other on the train fantasize about having sex. Interesting piece and something that can probably tun u on

Les larmes du SIDA (France) [The Tears of AIDS]
A married man falls in love with an another man whom he meets on a beach. He describes this sudden passion in simples words. A nice heart warming film and filmed very very well.

Une nuit ordinaire (France) [An Ordinary Night]
A young French man bicycles across town after an evening out to spend the night with his boyfriend. The twist in the tale is that the bf is probably dying of AIDS.

Des majorettes dans l'espace (France) [Majorettes in Space]
Dimitri, a Soviet cosmonaut of Soyouz 27 likes majorettes. Catherine and Laurent like making love. Jean-Paul II loves airports. Vincent loves boys. Total random and abstract.

Les amoureux (France) [Lovers]
This short is extracted form the feature film. In a French small town, Marc, a 15-year-old teenager, reveals his homosexuality.

America the Beautiful (USA)
Short video transforms verses about religion and battle into a verse about the right to love.

Allegoria (France)
A self inducing crappy piece of experimental cinema where the film-maker just plays with colors with its weirdly make-up'ed characters. Totally bizarre and weird.

Masculins singuliers (France)
A taxi driver tries to take advantage of his passenger ( a drag queen) but is in surprise when the tables turn and drag queen is heavy on the driver. Another bad film.

Boys beware (USA)
What might have been a harmless, even helpful warning to kids about pedophiles becomes ridiculous and ugly by its pretense of revealing what all *homosexuals* are like. It is insulting to gays that this film is still screened in some parts of the country even today.

An average rating of four because the films were more bad than good. (4/10)

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