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Monday, June 23, 2014


I can't believe that this film was made for TV. Although these days you can reach out to a much larger audience through TV than films. Its a funny, lovely, touching love story about a God-fearing rural small-town Midwestern couple and the film manages to capture the nuisances of small town life very well. Its definitely a sensitive topic that the makers have tried to deal with and they really need to be applauded for that. And Tom Wilkinson for being so brave to take up the main role and portraying it so beautifully and with respect it deserves.

Roy and Irma have been married for 25 years and have a son and daughter together. After their 25th anniversary, Roy tells Irma that he has long felt that he is a woman trapped in a man's body, and wishes to do something about it, no matter the consequences. Irma, an avid member of the church choir, naturally finds this a little disconcerting. She feels as if she has been lied to through out the whole relationship and her life is falling apart. Roy starts taking hormones and you can see his co-workers reacting very oddly to this. Gradually she starts coming through and lets Roy be back in home, especially after witnessing him trying to commit suicide from the pressure he could not deal with anymore.  and live with them and be supportive as much as she can. Their daughter is the most supportive in this transition. The film shows how their son is initially disgusted but eventually comes around. We also get to see how Roy's parents get around to accept who he really is. All that Roy need to become Ruth was support to get rid of all the anxieties he had been feeling. The indifferences did not change a person, it actually made the people around him more open minded and accepting to differences between people.

This is an incredible powerful movie regarding unconditional love,acceptance and responsibility for ourself and our loved ones. You can't even begin to imagine what really is going through the minds of the 2 characters. Roy, who wants to become a woman and knows it's the hardest thing he has ever done in lit and Irma, who feels betrayed and cheated but still come sin full support of her husband because at the end of it they are all a big family. This movie is less about transsexualism but more about love, family, support and kindness. Handled with sensitivity, taste and touch of humour, the director deserves a special mention. The film takes neither cheap nor trivial shots and never fails to show deep respect for the problem and for the characters affected by it. Best pat was seeing the daughter fully supportive and excited about the whole transition and that providing strength to Irma.

A sensitive treatment of transgender issues with some fine performances and a good story, this movie is a good watch. (7/10)

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