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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ming tian ji de ai shang wo (Mandarin) [Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?]

I think I am having a few good days here where I am getting to see more and more films that spring a peasant surprise. From a story point of view, this film would have seen yet another one of those late coming-out stories but I am so happy to see the maturity in the way the whole subject was handled in the screenplay and of course in subsequent direction. I will talk more on that later. But I have to admit, this film had everything in it, simplicity, family, love, emotion and wanting to do the right thing that is expected of you from each character's point of view.

Weichung, an optometrist, lives with his wife Feng and son. They have ben married for 9 years. At his sister's engagement party, Weichung bumps into an old friend, Stephen, a wedding photographer who, though also married, is living the high life of a younger, single gay man. When Stephen teases Weichung for his newly straightlaced lifestyle, dormant emotions are awakened in Weichung. Meanwhile Feng's parents pressure her to ask Weichung for another child. As soon as the discussions start, Weichung starts freaking out because it would mean physical intimacy. A chance encounter with a very cute flight attendant who visits his store gives him the courage to let his feelings come out. Meanwhile Mandy starts having second thoughts about her marriage and decides to break-up. Stephen and his group of friends try to bring them together but fail. Feng's boss admires and secretly loves Feng but can't do anything about it. One day Feng sees Weichung with the flight attendant and confronts him. Her world falls apart when Weichung admits to having gay feelings but also convinces that he really wants to be a family and be a family man to provide and take care of her and their son. When Mandy one day finds she is pregnant, her love for her fin ace rekindles and they decide to get married. Feng and Weichung very maturely decide to get a divorce, so that they both can have a second chance of love in life.

The film is not really a romantic comedy is being promoted but it is a real depiction of the struggles that a man has to go through when his attempts to deny his gay feelings resurface and what a wife has to go through when she finds her husband is gay. It is avery thoughtful family drama. Despite the topic being hectic, the film never gets melodramatic or cheesy and stereotypical which is very easy to happen. There is a easy rhythmic tone to the film. Acting by everyone is really really good. Mandy's character is a little caricature-ish but that provides some light moments in the film. Also Weichung's chemistry with the flight attendant is very effortless. You can feel the attraction and both of them wanting to do something about it. The film never crosses the decency line which will probably help it get a wider audience despite a bold subject.

This family drama will not disappoint you if you go with minimal expectations. You will enjoy it. (7/10)

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