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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lose Your Head

A tout thriller and a crazy head spinning film are some of the words that I read and was told by some of the people who saw this film. These words do describe what the film is about but maybe they are a little too strong. I would describe the film as thriller with surprises and a twist that you did not expect or see coming. Unfortunately I missed out on some of the german and Spanish being spoken in the film but I am pretty sure that I didn't lose much in the film.

Luis is a young Spaniard who travels to Berlin after a break up with his boyfriend to get lost in the city. He immediately goes out to experience the nightlife in the city, meets a girl outside a club and hangs with her. He also eventually meets a mysterious man Victor and instantly take a liking for him.We also meet a girl Elena with her cousin who are looking for their lost brother Dmitri, who has been missing for a few weeks. He takes up some drugs in the cob and is warned that he will lose his head. Luis soon realizes that he is caught up in the middle of the disappearance of Dimitri. It turns out that Victor and Dmitri were together for almost 2 months before he disappeared. Luis doesn't tell Elena that he knows Victor when she shows him the picture. He is too much in love with Victor and wants to find out the truth. But it seems everyone is playing their own game. Victor gives a haircut to Luis to make him look like Dmitri. Luis is hiding truth from Elena. Victor has stuff from Dmitri but is he making up some story. After a few events, Luis finds himself trapped in Victor's web and there is no escape. Everyone is now suspecting Luis of fowl play and is looking for him and now Luis is running to save his life. How and where he ends up in the end and how the loose ties end, is a complete surprise. No wonder the old man warned Luis in the beginning in the club that he is going to lose his head.

Very interesting twist I must say, which I never saw coming. In hindsight the signs were all there but I personally never thought of it. It was also quite nice that the director covered on every single person and event in the thriller on why and how they became a part of it. When all of this is going on, you want to scream at Luis to run away but the boy in him keeps wanting to go back to Victor because he is so much into him. He is willing to ignore his faults even when all the signs are there. The film maintains the suspense with incredible performances that will keep you questioning who is being truthful. The key focus of the film is the young people who spend their days lost in a haze of alcohol, drugs and dancing, and the dramatic consequences this life can have on a person. As Luis says "Drinks are cheap, clubs never close and drugs are almost free". But is that really true or does all of this come with a price?And what an effect it does, is shown in the film. The ending leaves a few loose ends that may drive you crazy like Luis' ex-boyfriend is gong around Madrid putting missing person posters. I still can't figure out what that was about :( But that apart it is still quite a good movie.

Overall, Lose Your Head is an entertaining film, which will leave you with a lingering sense of dread and may make you think twice about popping that pill in your mouth. (7/10)

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