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Monday, June 2, 2014

Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy (Filipino/Tagalog) [Girl, Boy, Gay, Lesbian]

It's been a while since I saw a comedy gay film. This film helped me fill that void. Although some may feel that this borderlines corny with comedy but who cares! My time was well spent and at any point I did not look at how much more of the movie is left. That's because I was totally enjoying the film and laughing at a lot of places and one liners. And what is surprising is the fact that the quadruple roles are all played by the same actor. Now that's a major feat for any actor.

Pete and Pia are a married couple in Phillipines. Pia gives birth to quadruples but because of evil plan sod the mother-in-law the kids get separated after birth. Girlie and Peter end up staying with their father in US and Mark and Panying end up with their mother growing up in the farm. Girlie is a spoilt rich girl who claims to be a model, Peter is a race car driver who is diagnosed with Hepatitis C, Mark is Bakla (gay) and Panying is tomboy (lesbian). Peter needs a liver transplant and this is when Pete (father) tells the kids about 2 other siblings. They all travel to Manila and it turns out that MArk is the only compatible donor. The family finally meets and this is where the comedy begins. New Heights of comedy and entertainment begin. Girlie and Mark are the 2 siblings who are always at loggerheads and trying to get back at each other. Peter and Panying are the more sorted ones. Of course things all fall in place in the end and they all are a big happy family.

The concept of a comedian in real life playing 4 characters sound gimmicky but it actually works. The styling , looks and behavior of 4 characters is so different that you never get confused between them. You exactly know which character is who,which is a huge plus point IMO. The film is filled with laughter and one liners and the film at the same time provides an emotional core as well. Its always refreshing to see that the gender or sexuality of the character is never an issue. It just describes who they are and the film focuses more on their relationship. But comedy is still the core. The punchlines are hilarious. I think Girlie was the funniest character and Panying was the least developed. Even the 4 kids who live with Pia were quite funny. It may sound racist but all th evokes on the fake black kid were too good. Technically the film may not be a masterpiece, but then it is funny and most importantly it succeeds in entertaining people. A couple of scenes where the grandma featured were also quite funny. She was awesome.

All-in-all, "Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy" is a wonderful comedy movie which I think everyone would enjoy. I am starting to become a fan of Filipino comedy gay movies. (7/10)

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