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Sunday, June 8, 2014

For Love, We Can (Mandarin)

Its always good to see when organizations come together to promote to message of healthy sex, specially in gay community. Something that is meaningful, entertaining, touching and most importantly send out a clear message on why it i important to be very safe with your life. In view of the record high number of newly reported HIV infection in 2013, the Red Ribbon Centre collaborated with the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival to explore an innovative and gay friendly means to promote HIV prevention and hence this beautiful piece of a short film.

Jun is a reckless, rebellious young man. His now deceased father, threw him out of house when he found out that Jun was gay. Now he lives with his mother, who works very hard but is also struggling to accept his homosexuality and hence they barely communicate with each other. Michael is an honest, stable young man who works in a bank. Michael meets Jun and two lonely souls fall deeply in love. Jun’s mother initially disapproves their relationship but comes around when she finds out how fine a young man Michael is. One day, Jun's ex-boyfriend revealed to him a secret that he is HIV positive. This changes the world of the 2 men who eventually find out their own health status. And now Jun and Michael have to face the most difficult test in their relationship while the mother is also going through her struggles.

Strong emotional values is the first thing that was left with me after the film ended. Emotional bonds between the characters is very strongly portrayed here. Connection between Jun and Michael, Michael's care of Jun's mother because of his own issues with his parents, his love and commitment to his grandmother. The lead actors give a very strong performance. I have to admit that Michael is very very good looking and attractive. I don't usually think much of Asian guys but this guy was so adorable and cute. The film gives the message of early testing and staying positive in your mind because times have changed and even HIV positive people can lead a normal healthy life. I think that's an important message that needs to reach out to the community.

An important short ilm to be seen by all. (7/10)

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