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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Broadway Damage

Wow!! It was so refreshing to see a romantic gay film from 90s. The fashion of those ays, the humour of those days and the NYC of those days. Gosh! I miss NY so much. I am really looking forward to being there again asap and live there exactly how I used to. Won't that be interesting !! There was a time when I was a huge fan of rom-coms and somewhere down the line, my fascination for them went down. But I do not regret watching this film. Surely, I am not gonna apply too much logic into the story and hows and whys. After all, the movie ultimately entertained me and brought me some glorious memories of my favorite city.

Cynthia, Marc and Robert are young friends in New York City. Marc is a struggling actor, Robert is an actor/songwriter and Cynthia is desperately trying to attract the attention of Tina Brown to break into magazine publishing. All of us who have lived in NYC know all about apartments in New York. Cynthia and Marc luck out when they find an apartment to share in Greenwich Village. Good looking Marc easily scores with guys and Robert complains about how all these hot men are completely out of his league. We later find out that Robert is secretly in love with Marc. Marc ends up meeting a young musician David, who lives with his boyfriend across the alley from Marc's apartment. David's boyfriend throws him out and David moves in with Marc. Paradise ends soon when Marc finds out the reality about David and throws him out of house. Meanwhile Cynthia, not getting anywhere further in stalking Tina Brown is completely broke and going through a nervous breakdown and decides to move back to her parents in Long Island. Robert continues to secretly love Marc while he is rejected from one guy who he shows interest in but apparently Robert is not his type. In the end, Marc and Robert visit Cynthia on Long Island. Free from the drama of his relationship with David, Marc realizes that he has feelings for Robert. Cynthia gets a call from Tina Brown's assistant, setting up a meeting for the following day.

Simple, sweet and escapist realist piece of movie; this is what this film is about. The characters are lively and very lovable. I absolutely loved Cynthia. I want a Cynthia in my life. A funny friend who will always keep my spirits up. It is a delightful , feel good cinema. Agreed it is no great shakes or path-breaking but why does every film have to be that? I like the fact that the filming has probably happened in actual village apartments; the cramped size, small bedroom and bathroom; it is just so real NYC that I know of. The film has a lot of fun and charming moments along the way, specially anything involving Cynthia. SUre, there are lose ends. The initial interaction never show that Robert is in anyway interested in Marc till suddenly Marc meets David, so that comes as a surprise. Not only that, Marc's love for Robert in the end is also out of nowhere and clearly is to give the film a happy ending. Acting by every character was quite decent and they were all in their character. I loved the cute nerdy Robert with his glasses. The film thankfully never gets too serious and keep a lighter tone throughout.

A sweet charming retro-ish movie about gay love, gay friendships, gay life and finding the right guy in your life. (7/10)

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