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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Where The Bears Are: Season 2 (Web Series)

Its good to see sequels coming out for web series and gay films as well. If the content is any decent , I am always up to watching something decent. LIke the predecessor, this one also was a web series and later converted to a movie format. Although this time I saw it as a series with 23 episodes. If you watch it back to back, its almost like watching a film. Th basic theme, characters and premise are the same as part 1.

Nelson, Wood and Reggie are still together and Nelson's hunk boyfriend Todd has also moved in with them now. Reggie's former college roommate and a candidate for city council gets murdered at his campaign launch party. The trio are again caught up in the murder investigation but this time primarily the foci is on Reggie since he found the body. We have the detective from season 1 who gets attracted to Wood and we now also see his boyfriend who is equally attracted to Wood and they form a trio. Back to the murder mystery, there a few people who are usual suspects and the trio go through usual antics to find out who is possibly the murderer. After 2 wrongs , they get it finally right and is a surprise because he is the guy that Reggie is seeing. In between all this we get to see usual life of gay bears, in clubs, nudity, gags, kissing etc.

Like season 1, his is also supposed to be just fun and not something to put your brain to. Its my guilty pleasure watching when I really need something totally mindless. The trio are still funny although I have to admit Nelson's constant talking gets on your nerves after sometime. There s a lot of kissing and I mean lot. The series is dragged but its ok because if they focussed solely on just the mystery, it will probably end in just a couple of episodes. Wood is still the cutest with his brain dead antics and always getting attracted by hot men. I believe that the producers are looking for funds for season 3. My advice would be to keep it a little short (about a length of 1:45 maybe), specially if you are still looking to sell dvd's in a film version.

Slight better than season 1 with more eye candy and laughters. You may roll you eyes but will still laugh. (5.5/10)

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