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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tom à la Ferme (French) [Tom At The Farm]

I am still not very sure what I think of the movie overall. The premise of the film sounded interesting and I wanted to like it but somehow I missed that feeling by the time the movie ended. I felt a lot of things were unanswered and left open. The pace was slow but it is ok, given the film is supposed to be a psychological thriller, you can't leave a lot of thing son viewer's imaginations. Sometimes it works but other times it is always better to clarify things for sanity sake.

Tom's boyfriend Guillaume is dead and his funeral is being held in his hometown. A town of farmers in a town which is in middle of nowhere. Guillaume's mother didn't know he was gay and his psychotic brother Francis threatens Tom to make sure it stays that way. Francis is handsome but scary at the same time. Tom makes up the story that Guillaume had a girlfriend and couldn't make it to funeral. Francis assaults Tom both in bed and in a toilet cubicle, threatening him with more considerably more grievous harm if he reveals the true nature of his relationship with Guillaume. Soon the game begins where Part of Tom wants to leave the farm but he is also enchanted by the life style. He is scared of Francis but then there is also something about him that attracts him. He accepts Francis' abuse for nothing. But when Sara arrives (Tom's friend and supposedly Guillaume's girlfriend), things change. Sara tries to put some sense into Tom but he is somehow blinded by everything. But son he finds out the truth on how dangerous Francis can be and how he needs to be careful for his own life. Finally Tom manages to escape the farm life prison from Francis and run for life.

The characters are interesting. They're strong. But I couldn't understand the basis of their actions. There is a scene when characters are doing this, and the next they're changing, and then they're going back, and then they make a new thing. Why does Guilaume's mother bursts out in hysterical laughter after Tom quotes some perverse language from the imaginary girlfriend. What does Francis really want from Tom? He doesn't want him to tell his brother's secret but why does he want Tom to stay? Is it because of his loneliness, the fact that he is stuck with his mother or is it that he may himself have some homoerotic feelings towards Tom. Its never clear. Its shown that most people in the village do not like Francis and his family but again its not clear on reason. The story that Tom finds out in the end is scary but is that the entire truth or there is more to it? Tom does manage to leave the farm but everything in the story is left completely unresolved.

It has some homoeroticism but thats not enough to hold someone's attention. (4/10)


moonlitlake said...

Tom at the Farm is really says things in silence. I loved it

Golu said...

Most of the people have loved the film. I might not have been in the right frame of mind