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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Some films start with a good promise and sometimes fizzle out. We all know there are quite a few gay themed movies which are made on low budget because there is not much viewership out there, which is not really a problem. The problem is when the makers try to pack in way too many things into a film rather than keep it a simple engaging affair.

Will is an ex-marine who leaves armed forces after serving for 14 years. He then reconnects with his old friends, and crashes with Rich, a very flamboyant but very nice and friendly guy, and begins to look for a new boyfriend to settle down with. Rich attempts to fix him up with the sexy and handsome Josh because he thinks they are a perfect match. It seems everything is going perfect on the first date till they can't seem to align on don't ask don't tell policy. After that series of events follow, mostly parties where the two meet each other but for some reason their stars never alit and one or the other person is not ready to give each other a chance. A shock is in store for everyone when Rich commits suicide on new years day, leaving everyone shell-shocked. Will and Josh are forced to deal with this loss together and pack Rich's life in boxes. The tragedy brings the 2 men finally together, they pick up pieces and start an attempt on a life together.

The film also has a lot of supporting characters. Token fag hag who knows everything about gay sex like any other person, but at leafs the one in this film was not annoying at all. In fact she was endearing. We then had a gay couple in love who are looking for a third in their relationship. A guy, Hank, who no one really likes but is somehow always hanging out in the group wanting o have sex with anyone and everyone. And this is where a small problem was. It seemed like every character in the film seemed completely wrapped up in the idea whether Will and Josh will ever get together. I mean, they got to have their own life. Sure, the acting was quite decent and ok but there is something missing in the film that makes the viewers sit on their seats and enjoy. The pacing of the film is slow and you feel like saying, common guys, just give each other some slack. :)

Strictly ok, in my opinion. A tighter and crispier editing with a little more fast pace, this movie could have been quite good. (5.5/10)

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