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Friday, May 30, 2014

Partners (TV Series)

Touted as the show by the makers of "Will & Grace", Partners is an American comedy TV show, which was cancelled only after season 1, which is amity because the show wasn't bad at all. I am pretty sure that there was some political game for canceling the show because the prime channel didn't even bother to air the entire season 1 completely.

Partners centers around 4 people, but 3 relationships anchored with the main characters Louis and Joe. Louis is gay and has been there for Joe since childhood. The two are partners in architectural firm who consistently delve into each others lives meddling wherever they can. The two, who have a codependent relationship are trying to navigate their own relationships while maintaining their friendship. Louis lives with his under-the-top hunk of a boyfriend Wyatt and Joe has just proposed to his girlfriend Ali. The episodes focus on the bromance between the 2 guys and how each of these characters interfere in each other's life. Every episode focuses on different adventures that these guys get themselves involved with.

Promoting a show by the makers of "Will & Grace" creates huge expectations and high standards. Unfortunately this show never established the depth of story or emotional ties that we had with the characters of that show. Doesn't mean to say this show was bad, but I think there were way too many repetitions and similar gags being repeated. They were all funny initially but started getting a little flat after a while. Both the lead actors Joe and Louis are good. Joe was surprisingly quite good IMO. Brandon Routh as Wyatt was definitely unite funny in a weird sense of way. Wyatt was a very original concept and I would have loved to have seen that developed further. I don't want to forget to mention the secretary who would occasionally show up and crack me up with her antics. The dialogues were good but not snappy enough as one expects these days. The makers tried their best, I am sure, but it didn't always seem to work.

All in all, its a mildly amusing lighthearted show that you won't regret watching and don't really get very upset that it got cancelled. (6/10)

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