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Monday, May 26, 2014

Gay Short Films : 19

These are reviews of some really short films that I saw. Just under 5 minutes.

Niagara (UK)
Two guys in a car and one million dollars in a bag. One of them wonders how he’s going to steal it all from his lover. A road trip starts. A boring clay animated.

Gay is the word (UK)
When a guy's friend refuse to understand that their pal is gay, he makes them understand that gay doesn't mean weak or crap or stupid. He loves another man and thats what makes him gay. Do not abuse the word! Excellent short.

Sidste Kys [Please Stay] (Denmark)
A young boy is going crazy and is talking to his penis who wants to be shared with others and not just played with and by his owner. A funny concept except the ending is ouch.

10 Men (UK)
A rough, raw and joyous ride with 10 gay male dancers as they prepare a sequence for Nigel Charnock’s performance piece 10 Men. Filmed over a week inside the rehearsal room capturing the energy, humour and pure joy of one of Britain’s best loved choreographers. Superb and brilliant !!

Sexy Grandpa (USA)
2 old ladies take fancy to a new resident at their retirement home whose personalized license plate reads “SXY GPA.” He reciprocates their advances and the two women become more and more competitive, which may threaten their friendship. But they are in surprise when the grandpa shows up hand in hand with another man.

Any Given Tuesday (USA)
This film shows how sometimes getting snubbed by family and friends lead a LGBT youth on all wrong paths including street living, drugs, prostitution and very high rate of suicide. The L.A. LGBT Center offers much more than life-sustaining support; they offer young people the help they need to get off the streets and make it on their own.

Middle Earth (Thailand)
A so called "art film" which is more an erotic short film. We use 2 male bodies intertwined just lying in various positions naked. The film ends when the 2 guys are sitting and one guy's dick slowly moved from limp to hard. Thats probably the only highlight of this otherwise weird film.

Bob (Germany)
I should have known to not watch this film. Its animation and I don't like it. Its a silly sort of short that is shown on TV as a filler between programs which has no real relevance.

In The Light (Canada)
John and Zack wake up disoriented after a passionate night of love making. When they wake up Zack realizes that John has not been truthful about his name and also finds a ring in his pants. He asks John to not call him because he is not a home wrecker. John leaves and calls his bf about agreeing to being exclusive. Simple, short and cool.

An overall average rating of 5 for all these movies collectively. (5/10)

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