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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gay Short Films : 18

Lost Angel (USA)
This is the story of Mikael & Carlitos who together become each others' protectors. Dutch guy Mikael has everything going wrong for him. He loses his wallet, his phone breaks and his suitcase exchanges with another tourist. He finds unlikely help from Carlitos who not only helps him with a place to stay but also teaches him a thing or tow. Are these guys each others' Guardian Angels? Sometimes, it seems, you need to get a little bit lost, in order to be found. A decent short story which shows how destiny has its own way of panning things out for people. The two were destined to meet and help each other out and become lovers. friends or whatever. Quite decent acting and god production values. (6.5/10)

Triple Standard (USA)
After a basketball game, Crim and a fellow player are roughhousing as usual, when Crim angrily accuses him of making a gay play for him. While many of the others in the locker room try to calm Crim down, D, Crim's roommate of five years, seems quietly to be the one most annoyed by Crim's reaction to Stanley. D and Crim talk about the issue later when they get back home, Crim's reaction to his mate is only the latest in many vehemently homophobic statements and actions Crim has made in his life, which could destroy D and Crim's relationship, especially as Crim seems unwilling to acknowledge many aspects of his own life not only to the world but more importantly to himself. A very well movie that shows the inner struggles of a man who is clearly gay but has troubles accepting it but at the same time how his partner teaches him to go for the right path and do the right thing. (7/10)

Cold (Canada)
It is probably not fair to classify this as a gay short because this is a generic sentiment in the movie. Set in Toronto on a very cold night, a city notorious for being cold to strangers, several lives intersect, oblivious to the loneliness that connects them all. We have 2 Radio talk show hosts, a lonely lady getting over her ex, a foreign can driver away from his family, a prostitute, a sister calling in for her brother who committed suicide because he was gay and an old drag performer, who wants to commit suicide but changes his mind to brave the odds. The essence of the theme is that its not the cold weather (you can get used to it) but its the coldness of the people that makes it difficult or get used to in this city. Decent storyline and a very interesting thought and observation. (7/10)

It Could Happen To You (USA)
I have reviewed a documentary based on this true story here. Shane and Tom were husbands, living and loving together for six years. They planned to marry once equal marriage was made legal. And then, one day Tom had an accident and died. This heart-breaking autobiographical short film documents what happened to Shane following Tom's death. It's really powerful and emotional stuff! The lesson is that no matter how young or old that you might be, it is SO important if you live in a country/state where gay people can not legally marry and if you are in a committed relationship, that you make a Will. Just so that your and your lover's interests are fully protected. DO IT! Just do it! (7/10)

Only Always You (USA)
A silent film with just music, it is an interesting film about this teenager geeky boy who is into drawing sketches and into fantasizing what his life could be. He is totally bestowed by a guy who he sees in park and imagines of his life together with him. Right form the moment they meet till the moment they hold hands and commit. He captures all that in his sketches and thats the thing that brings happiness to him. (6/10)

Lovely Faggot (Germany)
An interesting short film about internalized homophobia. Walking around at the beach, Peter meets his classmate Chris. This guy is already tipsy and calls Peter a "faggot". But he doesn’t take any shit from him and moves on. Chris apologizes and confides that he may himself like guys and the two men end up kissing. The film treats the sensitive topic of homophobia and coming out but sadly the treatment of the short film is very shabby. The acting, specially the last kiss looks so forced by both the guys. THere is no chemistry and truth be told I felt a little cheated by the short. (4/10)

Les dieux préfèrent les hommes [Gods Prefer Men] (France)
A very interesting short film. This is a stylish and modern day retelling of the Myth of Hyacinth. In Greek mythology, Hyacinth is a young man of great beauty, beloved of Apollo and Zephyr. He is killed in a terrible accident and from his blood a flower blooms. We see 2 guys in love arguing over their past. God is more in love with human that the other way around and He fears losing the human partner to death and someone else will follow. How long will this trend continue? Very interestingly directed, I just wish I got a little more understanding of what exactly was going on, in terms of their discussion. I tried my best to pay attention but I failed. So I guess there is some kinda failure at that end. (6/10)

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