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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Boys On Film 11: We Are Animals

Boys On Film 11: We Are Animals showcases short works from around the world that challenge genre, initiate discussion and explore issues of sexuality in beautiful ways. This diverse and daring compilation tells stories ranging from the whimsical, heart-rendering and poignant to the unflinchingly bold and provocative. Volume 10 was disappointing and this series is no less barring just a few stories. Can we please have those amazing collection of short stories back soon.

We Are Animals (USA)
Set during the 1980s AIDS crisis, this is a dark film. When a closeted young man finds himself in the midst of an anti-government coup, he joins in the fight against the strict regime that is being enforced upon them. I thought it was quite boring.

Burger (UK/Norway)
An observational study looking at the variety of customers that a late night burger bar attracts. It covers both gay and straight couples. It is a very ordinary film IMO. Actually no, it was quite annoying with some bad acting.

Alaska is a Drag (USA)
The unique Leo stands out from the crowd. This isn't ideal when working in a small fish cannery in Alaska. His dreams of leaving this small town appear impossible, until a new boy joins and sees Leo for the superstar he was destined to be. Thankfully a light in dark tunnel. This film was entertaining and interesting.

Three Summers (Denmark)
I have reviewed this film earlier on my blog. An excellent short film and a must see. As poignant as it is daring, Three Summers charts an unlikely friendship between a middle aged divorcee and a teenage boy. As lines are blurred and secrets are shared, a closeness develops in a way they never would have expected.

The Last Time I Saw Richard (Australia)
Set in a teen mental health clinic, we meet lone wolf Jonah who is forced to share a room with the newly admitted Richard. The boys form a connection based on mutual respect and some common demons; though Jonah soon discovers that not everybody wants to be saved. This film totally went over my head. Also, there is no reason for it to be in the collection of gay short films.

Little Man (UK/Israel)
Facing thirty, Elliott realises he has jeopardised every relationship that has come his way. The weekend his brother shows up on his doorstep and a bizarre neighbour begins spying on him; Elliott is driven to the edge in this uneasy psychological tale of obsession. Another very vague and artsy fartsy short.

For Dorian (Canada)
For Dorian deals with a sensitive and vastly under-represented issue: the sexual awakening of teenagers with disabilities. Told from the moving perspective of a devoted father of a boy with Down Syndrome, it challenges the ways in which the disabled are frequently asexualised. A very novel and different film and emotions are handled very well in this short. Kudos!

Spooners (USA)
In this hilarious, inventive and pleasingly whimsical comedy, a gay couple s ridiculous quest for a comfortable mattress transforms into a journey of acceptance and public openness with their sexuality. This is really funny.

Not as bad as the last volume but please bring back the greatest stories again. (4/10)

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