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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Boy Meets Girl

I just saw this film in "Out In Africa" film festival in Johannesburg and boy was I in surprise or what. I expected a cheeky gay-chick flick by the title and synopsis but it turned out to be a very mature, intelligent, poignant story about friends and coming out and being comfortable in your skin. I am running out of words to say how beautiful and exciting this film was. Right mix of emotion, comedy, maturity and acceptance. Big applause for the makers to make this film.

Set in Kentucky, Robby and Ricky have been the best of friends since childhood but never dates each other.  But their closeness and affection is very apparent. Only a small hitch, that Ricky is a transsexual undergoing hormonal changes to become a woman. Enter Franchesca, a rich girl engaged to be married soon to her boyfriend serving in Afghanistan. There is some sort of instant connection between the two. They become great friends which somehow is not acceptable to her fiancé. On Robby's insistence and constant flirting, the two girls end up coming really "close". They both don't know whats going on. Is Ricky now straight or Franchesca now Lesbian? Its so funny in a poignant sort of way when Ricky discusses this with Robby. and then her fiancé returns and gets angry seeing that they girls are hanging out still. Turns out there is a history between the fiance and Ricky which no one knows of. Meanwhile  Ricky's dreams of becoming a fashion designer and living in NY coming to a crash when she doesn't get accepted in the college. Her best friend Robby is her support even at this time and finally they both admit their love for each other. Things slowly start falling in place for everyone. Robby comes up with a marvelous idea of supporting Ricky with her dreams and Franchesca and her fiancé talk out their differences and love and promise to work together. A new journey begins for everyone.

As I mentioned before, I was very happy and pleasantly surprised to see how maturely the whole story and concept was thought of and presented. This story had the potential of going hugely wrong but thank God that it did not happen. The direction was top notch and choice of the actors was incredible. Everyone was just perfect in their roles. Special credit to dialogue writers because some of the one-liners were just spot on. Ricky asking if it smells like fish down there, 2 old ladies remembering how they were fat in high school and Ricky saying he was a boy, tea bagging and many more like that. The story never got too serious but still remained true to the core of the heart. I also absolutely loved the 2 fathers being supporting of Ricky and Franchesa's father as well. Robby had more of a supporting role but very key to the movie plot. You see a selfless and unconditional love and friendship. How many of us can say we have such a person in our life? Something that I have not mentioned above is that this film also deals with a very sensitive and important issue of teenage suicide. We keep seeing bits and pieces of a video that Ricky made as a teenager about how her mom left them. And its only in the end we see the whole thing and that was such a nice way to end the film. I wish the film makers were present at the screening for us to ask questions. Its an important concept and message that we all need to see and be aware of.

I am very very happy that I saw the film. I just hope that this film gets the right market and viewership that it truly deserves. Big applause. (8.5/10)

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