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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Looking: Season 1 (TV series)

The whole concept of gay series is indeed picking up. It all started with web series and it is very surprising and refreshing to see a big production company like HBO taking up the task of bringing a gay series on HBO. Sure, some would say that what's the big deal but whatever you say, I think it is pretty brave. The show has only aired 8 episodes in Season 1 but I completely enjoyed it.

THe show basically focusses on lives of 3 friends in San Francisco. Friendship binds them but each of them is at a different point in their journey. Patrick, works as a video game designer and wants ti get back into the dating scene after breaking up with his ex. Agustine is an aspiring artist. After he moves in with his boyfriend, he starts questioning his career and the whole idea of monogamy. And finally we have Dom, the oldest member and a longtime waiter. His romantic and professional dreams are still unfulfilled. Other characters are also introduced. Patrick meets Richie, a hair dresses, and is forever confused in what he really wants from his relationship with him. The confusion only escalates when his new boss is gay and after few months of flirting, his boss openly tells him he likes Patrick. Agustine befriends a sex worker and brings him for a threesome rendezvous wit his boyfriend without informing him about the details. His bf, who has been supportive of him throughout can't take anymore and asks him to leave. Dom, who wants to run his own restaurant has always been attracted to younger boys. Things change when he meets an older man, who not only helps in taking the next step in realizing his dream but could he also be the love of Dom's life that he has been looking for all along.

The stories intertwine and unspool dramatically as they search for happiness and intimacy in an age of unparalleled choices for gay men. It's refreshing to see characters of different ages relating socially even though some might say this happens infrequently in the real world. In gay online culture Looking means available for sex now, but this show is much more than that. The characters are looking for satisfaction, fulfillment in careers, friends and family. Performance wise, every actor is doing a fantastic job including all the characters that keep coming in the show. The dialogues are pretty natural and real. The sex-scenes are frank, but very tasteful and more is implied than ever shown, anyway. The humor is genuine and seems completely spontaneous. I really appreciate this more methodical approach.

I for sure am looking for the next season of this series. (8/10)


loulou 17 said...

I also like this Serie ...less than "please like me" but it's still really good. Finally a Série exclusively about gay plot which worth it !Where gay characters are the mains characters and not just a second one. I love your blog i like the fact that you make a page about gay movies!It's so hard to find a good one, and now thanks to you,we have thousands and we already know when it's going to be bad, i mean we're prepared haha.
This page it's a very good idea,before knowing yours i was thinking about doing one myself if i'll have the talent and the brave but you done a such a good one it's not worth it anymore. And i was wondering if you know some other good serie like this (I know "in the flesh" i didn't saw it in your blog the story isn't about gay stuff it's just the mains figures which are gay .To me it's a good one) Thank for your job keep doing it!! (if you haven't already stop) hoping you will respond bye ! (sorry for my horrible english i'm french and i do not fluently write in english)

Golu said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I will continue to do my best to write my unbiased views on movies, which you may or may not agree but thats why we are all individuals. I have not heard of 'In The Flesh' but I will definitely check it out and see if I can find it. Thanks for recommendations and continue following my blog.

There are a few gay web series which you could try to find out but there are a very very few gay TV shows.

Jim Llanes said...

after queer as folk i felt very lost then suddenly THIS came thanks for featuring it.. im nearly done with 2nd season finale.. hehe

Golu said...

me too. only the last episode left for me to watch and i will be soon putting up my review of season 2 soon