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Sunday, March 2, 2014

More Than Friendship (German)

Be it the title or the film poster, somehow I had big expectations from this film. I know, that expectations do kill the fun sometimes but this film came way too short on that. Sure its a thought provoking story and had a lot of potential but the director in my opinion somewhere missed the boat. I think this would have been a fantastic short film, but a full fledged feature film was quite boring for me.

We are introduced to Mia, Lukas and Jonas. They are friends from childhood until 3 years ago when things changed and the three realized that they were more than friends. The three of them become lovers, something that provokes people around them and something which is beyond all conventions. Even their parents can't understand and are not to comfortable with the situation. The 3 of them are on a vacation which seems to last forever and we slowly find out that Jonas is sick and is dying and the three of them are trying their best to keep their love for each other intact. Jonas only wishes that after he is gone, Mia and Lukas stay together. Inevitable happens and finally Jonas is no more. Its not very clear on why, but we see that a year later Mia and Lukas are also not together anymore.

As you can see that the story is quite simple but god! was it dragged. The locations were beautiful were there was hardly anything being spoken among the trio. I was so bored at so many places in the movie trying to get my head around on wtf is going on. The acting was soooo bad and fake. The forced kissing of each member with each other on every given opportunity was just too lame. And there was absolutely zero chemistry between the lead actors. Zilch ! The direction was equally bad and so were the dialogues. If the director thought that the audience will empathize with the characters, he was so wrong because the poor direction didn't help salvage the film at all.

I would not recommend wasting your time on this one. (2.5/10)

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