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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Perfect Wedding

This was an interesting yet entertaining film. My first thought after reading the title and the fact that it was a gay story, made me think that it had to be about a gay wedding. I was happy and pleasantly surprised that the film was essentially about a gay love story wrapped around planning and execution of a straight wedding. The film also deals with some very small yet relevant issues like adoption, alcohol, alzheimers and sign language.

Alana and Kirk are getting married. She comes back home for Christmas to also plan for her wedding. Alana's mother wants a lavish wedding whereas she doesn't care much. She also invites her GBF Roy to help her plan. Roy used to date her Brother Paul but they broke up 2 years back. Roy has been single since but not to be thought as a loser, he brings along with him, his friend Gavin posing as his boyfriend. Family meets, chats happen and all is well. There are obvious sparks between Gavin and Paul but they both control it for Roy's sake. In the meantime, we find that Alana is compromising with her wedding plans to go ahead with her mother's idea of a lavish wedding just because she thinks she owes them something for being an adopted girl. When Gavin and Paul find this out, they plan to arrange for a secret quick and intimate wedding for Alana with help from Kirk who is all up for keeping his vince happy. They also manage to convince the parents. Turns out the mother wanted a lavish wedding because she thought that it would be something that her husband would remember ever since he has been diagnosed with alzheimers. Quite a few people are surprised with the intimate wedding plans but everything is just perfect. Gavin and Paul are still struggling with their feelings. Unable to take it any further, Gavin decides to leave town before he ends up doing anything stupid. When Roy hear about this, he accepts how he was just pretending to be boyfriend with Gavin and he is actually single. IN a very sweet moment everyone in the family offers Paul a ride (since he can't drive) to go find Gavin and admit to his feelings for him.

The film is a perfect romantic charmer, something that you may enjoy watching with your partner. It has quite a few 'aww' moments as well. All characters are very humane is the story. Paul is dealing with alcoholism and substance recovery, Alana is struggling with being honest to her mother. Yet somehow they all have this deep love, respect and affection for each other. Performances from all actors is very good. Every character was evolved very week except for maybe Roy, but its ok. The focus were more on Paul and Gavin. The sweet moments where they both realize how much they have in common between them but they can't do anything about it, are so cute.

Excellent editing and beautifully shot, I would definitely recommend the film. (7/10)

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