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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hawaii (Spanish)

I think the director of this film has a knack for creating sexual tensions in his film. "Plan B" and "Absent" are bob exemplary examples in that area and now we can safely add the name of this film as well in the list. Not only does he create a good tension n the film, and the film moves slow but it still does manage to hold your attention quite a bit. I have a feeling that like his previous films, many may not like this slow style of narration but I again enjoyed quite a bit.

The bearded and bespectacled Eugenio, a scruffily handsome thirty-something from Argentina's well-off middle class, has moved into the house of his uncle so he can look after it for the summer and at the same time work on his novel in peace. When the younger Martin comes knocking on his door to ask him for some summer yard work, the duo realize they used to play together in childhood in the same neighborhood and Martin's hired straight away to do odd jobs around the house. What Martin doesn't tell Eugenio is that he's actually homeless and sleeping in the park, though by the time Eugenio finds out, the two have spent enough time together for Eugenio to suggest Martin sleep in the house's shed. The house-sitter might have an ulterior motive for keeping his worker close. Eugenio would like nothing more than being manhandled by the help. The next 90 odd minutes is a slo cat and mouse game where both the the guys are sorta attracted to each other and want things to happen but don't know how, when and where to start. Martin once takes a leap and kisses Eugenio but he acts surprised. When Eugenio realizes what he is missing, he goes back looking for Martin and the ending is really beautiful. The smile on both their faces just killed me.

People may think of this film as cock-tease but trust me there is so much more to it. The film maker explore ideas of the gay male gaze and desire as well as more complex issues of class. The film is full of erotically charged atmosphere, which never seems to translate into any action. You get excited because the actual doing of the deed would interrupt the joy and innocence of the games of almost-foreplay, which is so prolonged. Performances from both principal actors is quite good and they are both freakishly good lookin. Something very sexy and raw about both of them specially Eugenio. The sexually charged scenes where Eugenio is trying to peak into the bathroom when Martin is taking a shower or the one when Martin unzips his pants and takes off his shirt is HOT! to say the least. The guys were in just shorts for most of the movie and so was I while watching the film because it is summers where I am right now and trust me, the heat from the movie was no less evident.

I absolutely loved the film and i hope you will too. (7.5/10)


Anonymous said...

Please advise me how to request a review of my festival hit, "Dirty Magazines" ... and pardon my leaving this question in "Hawaii's" feedback (which is a very well-made, engaging film ;-). - Thank you. - JJL

Golu said...

Thanks for the message. There is nothing special that you need to get your movie reviewed here. If I can get access to the movie somehow, I will watch it and review it. It is as simple as that. You can email me at

Paul Delgadillo said...

Both "Hawaii" directed by Mark Berger and "Dirty Magazines" can be found on Amazon Prime.