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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boys On Film X

Boys On Film X is the tenth volume in the world's most successful short film series.
All boundaries are broken as BOYS ON FILM X takes it further than ever before, showcasing some of the most sexy, unique and brilliant filmmaking from around the world. Honestly I have been more than happy with this series but this series IMO has been a major disappointment.

One night a young couple visit a bar where they meet a young boy. This boy possesses an otherworldly physical beauty that could attract anyone; man or woman. And indeed, the young lovers are attracted, one more so than the other. What does this chance meeting mean for their relationship? An odd film but thankfully was short enough to bear

A Stable For Disabled Horses (UK)
A totally inapt title for the short film. When Kanoute decides to move back to Norway his best friend Benny throws him a surprise party a party just for two. It soon becomes apparent that Benny has a secret that he has to get off his chest before Kanoute leaves, but is it a secret Kanoute wants to hear? Another one of those strictly ok and OTT acting

Little Gay Boy, Christ Is Dead (France)
Jean Christophe dreams of becoming an international model, but in reality lives with an old lady, an English prostitute in Paris. Over the course of one unusual day, JC endures a series of abusive encounters that will change him forever. His youthful innocence is changed to hardened experience as his dreams are destroyed by those around him. This was not an easy film to watch. The abuse he goes through just in the course of one day is too much to watch. PLus the dance act after every encounter does try to tell you something but I as a viewer was just not sure, what that is.

Boys Village (UK/Germany)
The Boys' Village was once a holiday home for coalminers' sons, where the young boys could just be themselves. Not much remains of its former glory, though. Shattered glass and debris are all over the place; graffiti on the walls. There are countless trap falls and opportunities for injury. Kevin finds the place very interesting and spends lot of time there. He has been 11 years old for quite some time now. Has it been years or decades? This film was unnecessarily stretched long. There was absolutely nothing worth watching.

Headlong (Belgium)
On the night of a dance competition a young ballet dancer is in a foreign place. He finds himself alone in his hotel room and when this emptiness overpowers him, he meets a stranger that could change everything. An interesting film, it wasn't clear why the young boy was sad and what was it about this stranger man with a shady background that got him attracted towards him. I am not too sure of this even qualifies as a gay short.

Teens Like Phil
This is one of the better films in the series. Phil, a shy, insecure teenager, is trapped in the painful throes of adolescence and the struggle in coming to terms with his sexuality. At his elite private school, Phil is bullied by Adam, his former friend and love interest. Adam frequently lashes out against Phil and enjoys humiliating him in the locker room. When Phil can no longer tolerate the situation he takes drastic action to bring it to an end. Better acting and overall a string message of teenage suicide is well depicted in the film.

Inflatable Swamp (UK)
Matt, a gay man in his late 20s, navigates the lonely intersection of carnal sex and human closeness. With the arrival of Luke, a new man in his life, he finds a way to reconcile pleasures of the flesh with the new aroused imperatives of the heart. Almost a silent short film, this was just the right length and something interesting to watch. An example of how gay men can be scared of true intimacy.

Yeah Kowalski
Definitely the best saved for the last. Gabe Kowalski is a late bloomer and all-around misfit whose dad still cuts his hair. When Gabe's anonymous question about his still smooth armpits is selected to be read aloud in sex-ed class, Gabe goes to great lengths to impress his classmate crush, Shane, at Penny Foster s birthday party. A teenage's obsession to reach puberty soon, this film is charming and pleasurable to watch with good acting.

This edition is definitely the most disappointing of all. (3/10)

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