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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Between Something & Nothing

Why do we waste money and effort in making such bizarre films. Supposedly this film is based on slice of life story of the film-maker himself. And when that happens, you end up making a film which is quite self-indulgent as this one. I don't mind weird artsy films, but they should have a purpose at least. This films lacks that and much more.

Middle class guy Joe joins the prestigious Rhode Island school of design. He is one of the few students who are not from rich families. He comes friend immediately with like-minded Jennifer who also is sailing on a similar boat. Joe becomes friends with a local hustler Ramon, in hope to find inspiration for his artwork. Jennifer and Joe go through a number of sessions of arts projects of weird nature. They also explore their dark side where they do shop-lifting, mugging, drugs, alcohol and clubs. They both get indulge in free booze and cheap unsafe sex. Joe himself gets ion hustling trying to figure out whatever that he is trying to figure out. One day he finds Ramon dead and thats when it finally clicks. Street hustling and hot sex and weir encounters with Jennifer ultimately succeed in bringing true artist in Joe.

The movie tarted of well specially since both Joe and Jennifer acted pretty good but from a story's point of view, there isn't much that happens because it is just encounter after encounter and some random events happening in their life. None of them lead to anything at all. The characters are not build. As an audience I don't connect to either of their character. The situations happen and then another event takes place. There seems to be no point in showing those because there is absolutely no connection between any of those events. Yes there are far worse movies but at least the acting in this one was not horrible. I will totally blame the story and director for making such bad piece of cinema.

I would not recommend this. I could have watched a better film. (3/10)

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