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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sikil (Filipino/Tagalog) [Unspoken Passion]

A story about friends and friendship. A tale about childhood love. A boy falls in love with his childhood best friend, who happens to be a boy too, and he keeps his feelings secretly up unto his adult life. But will this love bring two people together or will this tear them apart. This is one of the many questions that this film tries to answer.

Enzo and Adong have been childhood friends. They are bound by the love that only comes from years spent frolicking as children and teens. Enzo has always had major attraction and love for Adong but the latter is completely clueless. But Adong doesn't feel the same and he elopes with his girlfriend. Five years later, Enzo has moved to Manila and like so many before him is working in the sex trade. Still young and beautiful he has no trouble earning a great living. Then one night, he is required to do a live on-stage act with another boy, one he as not met yet. Imagine the shock on the face of the 2 boys when Enzo finds that this other boy is none other than Adong. Adong's relationship with his girlfriend didn't worked out leaving him with a child. He lived in poverty and only survive by giving sexual pleasures to gay men in exchange of money. Adong and Enzo now live together in Enzo's house. The picture perfect setting doesn't last long as Adong's girlfriend comes back and petitions both him and their child for abroad. Enzo is devastated but accepted the reality that his most loved friend will be no longer with him. He returned to his family in the province and left behind the past.

The production quality of the movie is more like a TV drama series but I guess its majorly because of budget reason. I would not hold that against the film and its overall impact. The love between the 2 guys is very tender and youc an see how happy Enzo is when finally they have an opportunity to live together. Both male leads are hot, and able new actors. As much nudity was put in the film by the makers but you could sense the hesitation that the actors had to go full frontal nude. There are glimpses of a gay underworld that leaves me more curious than enlightened: a gay bar with elaborate costumed sex shows, a garden-air bath house with a what's-going-on cruising dynamics, a bondage torture event in what appears to be a parking lot or garage, a dingy movie-house inhabited by one regular joe pimp and fags loudly offering handjobs, a faux video scandal porn set helmed by an over-the-top director.

It ultimately is a story that aims at a great gay love and sacrifice and accepting the reality. (5/10)

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