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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Boys On Film 9: Youth In Trouble

The ninth edition in this series comes in with a very interesting title. Most of the shorts in this series focus on youth in various stages of emotional crisis. Unfortunately, the previous series have all been a lot of fun and interest but somehow this one lacks a punch. Barring just a few, most of them somehow did not manage to hold my attention.

Deep End (Canada)
When Dane's older brother comes out, Dane doesn't react very well. But soon after he has to choose between siding with his homophobic classmates or fighting to support his brother. The film has very few dialogues but I think it was very realistic. One of the better ones in the series.

Family Affair (Brazil)
The short shows a young man briefly escaping the masculine energy of his father and brother for a smoke-infused dalliance with one of his brother’s friends. The smoke ends up in a very passionate kiss followed by one of the best reactions that i have seen by a guy after his first kiss. The mix of pleasure, happiness, cockiness and everything else. This short film was priceless just for the guys reaction of "I did it".

Together (UK)
One month after moving in together David and Mark come home to find a key in the lock of their front door. They check the house and it all seems clear, until they slowly start to realise that they are not alone. After a rosy, fresh beginning, the shades of horror film mutate the story. Definitely not my kinda short.

Easy Money (Spain) [Dinero fácil]
When a handsome rent boy shows up at a mysterious client's hotel room, the boy quickly learns that sex appears to be the last thing on his clients mind. It’s an interesting glimpse of the entanglement of prostitution and violence, both involving payment for a very physical act. Brilliantly acted and directed. This one also has a very interesting twist.

The Wilding (Australia)
Juvenile inmate Malcolm is in love with his cellmate Tye, but their relationship is confined within their cell. When Malcolm is offered a shot at parole, he finds himself torn between his rare chance for freedom and protecting the one he loves. I just did not get the film much. It was too abstract for me.

Colonial Gods (UK)
A complicated friendship between a Somali man and Nigerian man unfolds against the chaos of gentrification and displacement in the small immigrant community in Cardiff known as Tiger Bay. This film just does not fit into a gay short series film. I still don't know why this was put in.

It's Not A Cowboy (France)
Last night, Brokeback Mountain aired on TV. Vincent watched it and found himself emotionally compelled by the story. Whilst chatting with a classmate in the school toilets, he takes advantage of the break to describe the film as only an adolescent can. This was a very good short. Highly recommended.

Prora (Switzerland/Germany)
In this deserted former Nazi holiday camp and communist military complex, teenagers Jan and Matthieu embark on an adventure that could change everything. Whilst exploring their surroundings they confront their identities and ultimately put their friendship at risk. But the ending is thankfully friendly and positive. Just a decent flick.

Like I said before, I was a little disappointed by the odd mix because generally they are all very good in this series. (5/10)


Pitbullshark said...

The only one of these films I have seen was "Prora", with one of the boys being very beautiful (the one whose picture you show), but to me the "star" of the show was that horrendous Nazi place! The director was there at the screening and he said when he saw that place, he simply HAD to make a movie there and I can see why; it was ripe for some kind of a story, that was for sure!

Golu said...

Oh yes!! That location was just splendid