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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In Between Men - Season 2 (Web Series)

A sequel to supposedly popular gay web series, this series continues from where the last one left over. Its not really a sequel in the true sense but the same characters have been taken from the first season and new stories webbed around it. This season has 9 episodes, that continue to focus on some aspect of the lives of these A-list gay New Yorkers.

The life of the 4 friends continue after the death on of one of the friends. New characters are introduced. We are introduced to a straight black man who is the girl's dousing who starts sharing the apartment of one of our protagonists. The doctor guy is still under low self-esteem and ends up dating either drug addicts or sorta losers on life one way or the other. The macho guy is all about just sleeping with anyone and everyone who he can find. (Reminded me of the dude from Queer as Folk). Of course, the straight italian lover for one of the guy is re-introduced but they keep their relationship open. At the end of 9 episodes we get to see different episodes that occur in their life and different events with the final episode focusing on where they end up wrt love.

Compared to season 1 , this season was a tad better. Acting and production values had nth considerably improved. One thing that was consistent though was still bad acting. Apart from the straight black guy, everyone was quite fake and was looking like 'acting'. Agreed the is a web series but it can be done well with really good acting like in 'The Outs'. Credit is due for the writers who came up with interesting scenarios but the acting really was flat. I just failed to connect with any of the characters because they were all pretty shallow. The entire episode of the friend's death and all a looked soooooo fake. The boyfriend of the guy who dies, was so bad. He has like no emotion. So you can imagine if this was improved acting-directing, how bad the season 1 would have been.

In any case, I have so much worse that in totally it is not a bad time pass. (4/10)

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