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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Outs (Web Series)

Another web series that I just chanced to watch and OMG! was I impressed or what ! The 6 part series is a story about big relationships, the ones that really define people, and what happens when they fall apart, and how that can change someone. I can't believe how good the series was. I loved every bit of it and you know you love it when the series leaves you wanting more. So I am so anxiously waiting for next seasons (I hope there are more seasons) that should be broadcast soon.

The series follows mainly 3 characters. Mitchell, James and Oona. Mitchell is 20 something gay man who is trying to find love in the city. His best friend is Oona, who is a budding writer but really can't write anything and finally James, who is Mitchell's ex and is sleeping with anyone around. Basically he is in his slutty phase. The story unfolds at a very good pace where we see James in his slutty phase but basically very very unhappy. Mitchell, obsessed about cardigans (that was so cute) trying to find a suitable date for himself is trying to balance his work life with his katty boss and his friend Oona who soon meets a new man in a party. James and Mitchell had a bad break-up, the details of which we find out later. They were basically both not the happiest people in their relationship but both too afraid to break up. James end up cheating on Mitchell's with Oona's then boyfriend but doesn't hide it because it will help them to break up. Thankfully, he meets Scruffy, initially only as a trick but Scruffy helps James come out of his she'll and unhappiness and re-introduce James to the nice, kind and happy man that he is. Mitchell and Oona also re-evaluate their friendship and what is it that they are looking for in their lives. Yes, Mitchell has been more bitter towards James for the break-up but we clearly see that he was equally at fault. By the time the series ends, we see that James is trying to restart his life by getting a new job and trying to possibly be cordial with James.

I can't believe that this was a web-series. The production quality, camera work and direction are top notch. Almost to what a big TV network would offer. Not to mention the acting. The acting is simply superb by pretty much everyone in the series. My favorite is James, who does a flawless job of his character. Mitchell is very likable with his cardigan fixation and his quirkiness, specially in his interactions with Oona. Oona is also very good. Her character was a little confusing for me specially when she just wants to break-up with her boyfriend just because he is too nice. That doesn't make much sense to me. Another character that might not have had a big role per say, but leaves an impression is Scruffy. As the genuinely nice guy, who becomes James' new love and reason for change is really good in his role. The fact that he is super cute and has a nice smile helps too. I must also give a shout out to the dialogue writers of the series. The dialogues are genuinely real, funny, realistic and not OTT at all. The chemistry between all actors is very real. You don't feel or look at them as actors. It feels something real is happening and you are just being part of their lives. Being a New Yorker myself, I was able to relate to the story much better. The storytelling is totally real, grounded and so so so so so good.  Strong and sincere appeal to the director/writer to please make more of these TV and watchable gay cinema and save us from the atrocities of bad gay cinema world.

I am so glad that I saw this TV show. Yeah the story might hit a little to close to home at a personal front for me but even if it didn't, I am sure I would have loved it equally strongly. Splendid (8.5/10)


mp said...

OHHH! Another web series and it's an 8.5! Very exciting. Thanks again. As always, very nice review; makes me really want to watch it!

Golu said...

Trust me man, the acting and chemistry between all characters is just amazing

mp said...

Awww, The Outs is probably the best web series I've ever watched. Amazing indeed. God, I really like Jack and Scruffy. Truly, I was not disappointed.

BTW, The Falls (2012) was a nice movie.

Golu said...

I told you. This is truly an awesome web series

GC from France said...

Hey Golu ; just watched the seven episodes in a row and ... I want more !!! Goldman did a great job with a very low budget. Your review totally did justice to that amazing web series. Thanks.

Golu said...

Isin't it. I am still quite amazed at how well they did. YOu should also watch the special episode they did after season 1. It take the story forward and is equally great