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Monday, April 1, 2013

Luna Park

Films or stories based on ancestual relationships can always be tricky ones. There is always this think line where you want to be a keep a balance between possible reality and making sure the audience doesn't completely dismiss the idea. The story of this film was decent but the direction was so so so bad, I couldn't believe. This film is a very good example of the self indulgence by a director, who probably thought he is making a classic and meanwhile what comes out is pure torture.

Alexia is an ex-actress turned movie producer in New York who now produces gay cinema. She owns Luna apartment building in california where she puts up all her actors. She has amuse brother Christopher, who supposedly takes care of the apartments but is not doing too well. She sends her right hand man Max, to take care of Christopher and the apartments. Christopher is a troubled 18 year individual who spends all his time inside the apartment. Max starts taking care of Christopher but soon enough they fall in love. At the same time Ma discovers some hidden secrets of Alexia's past life when she was Rose. How she was raped as a teenager, and then was in an incest relationship with her brother. It turns out that Christopher is actually her son and not brother. When She asks Max to come back to New York, he refuses and says he wants to stay and take care of Christopher. She gets really angry and reveals the final secret of her past life which Max is shocked to find. It turns out that Max is actually Alexia's first child from the rape, who her brother told her had died. And when Max finds out the truth, he promises to love Christopher (who is actually his brother) forever.

Like I mentioned earlier, the direction of the film is really poor. Half of the film is in black and white when we are shown secrets of Rose's life, but the placement of the scenes is so poor. The scenes keep going back and forth, such that afar a while, you are like what the hell is going on. Some scenes are shown multiple times and it just adds to the confusion. All these back story scenes are the times where the director shows his self indulgence. My reactions were frustration, wtf and finally just laughter. The story had potential, lot of it. The acting by most actors is also sub par. There is lot of nudity in the film , most of which is forced.

You seriously will have to watch this film to see how bad it really has been directed. I wish some sensible director attempts to make this film again with sensitivity because it definitely has potential. (2.5/10)

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